The Daily Grind Video

1. 1. Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne are official Money Team members, why not induct Mark Cuban into the Money Team? He’s richer than rich and spends more money than Floyd Mayweather on a Tuesday.

2. 2. The Olsen Twins are loaded and they got Kanye West on their jock. Money Team or Die.

3. 3. Since Lil Weezy is already in the crew, the boss man should get a pass. Imagine the bets between him and Floyd. Besides, when you write checks for Wayne, Drake and Nicki, you’re loaded.

4. 4. The heirs to the King Of Pop’s throne, Prince, Blanket and Paris are not only finna be rich, they are also pretty gangsta. Just check out Paris’ Instagram.

5. 5. Kris won! Give her her money! Kris Jenner gets 10 percent from every Kardashian, Jenner and their love interests. If that’s not Money Team material, we don’t know what is.

6. 6. When your cheddar is long enough to change your name to Kim Dotcom, money ain’t a thing. The Megaupload CEO unloads money like Floyd unloads uppercuts to unsuspecting chumps in the ring.

7. 7. Bernie Madoff robbed a lot of folks and while he’s not down with ‘Hard Work and Dedication,’ he can help Floyd balance his budget while he does 90 days in the can.

8. 8. While Money Team members seem to get 7 Roll Royces, Oprah can buy enough for a whole studio audience. You get a car, you get a car… Money Team.

9. 9. Vanessa Bryant might not have been with Kobe shooting in the gym, but she got money like she was. Money Team should bow down to induct her.

10. 10. Last but not least, we think everyone in the Money Team could use a little spiritual guidance. So why not let Jesus be an official Money Team member? Considering how much money they got, they are already blessed and in God’s favor.

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