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It’s your body, so whatever you do to and with it is your choice. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not hoping for the day when folks feel more confident in their God-given beauty.

In recent years, some of the most famous women of our time became openly obsessed with plastic surgery, influencing generations and generations of young people who would go on to seek elective cosmetic enhancements — many of which are dangerous. Thankfully, we’ve still got some natural-bodied baddies that are making sure to love themselves as they are, OUT LOUD. Dreamville singer Ari Lennox is one of my favorite examples of self-love.

#POWERTV: Tariq St. Patrick Got His *ss Beat & Twitter Pettiness Quickly Ensued

At absolutely any given moment you can head over to Ari’s IG or Twitter profile to see Ari simply being Ari… and it’s the breath of fresh air we’ve been needing. I mean………

Check out the recent Ari moment that inspired this post below, plus a ton of other famous Black women who fit the profile. But of course, the MOST famous natural baddies are Rihanna and Beyoncé, so shoutout to them!

Original Don Dada: These Quintessential Louie Rankin Moments Make Us Smile Every Time

1. Ari Lennox

2. Ashanti

3. Meg Thee Stallion

4. Justine Skye

5. Lizzo

6. Hennessy Carolina

7. Chanel Iman

8. SZA

9. Jordyn “I Don’t Need Your Situation” Woods

10. Gabrielle Union

11. Karrueche

12. Rhyon Nicole Brown

13. Dnay B.

14. Ciara

15. Raven Goodwin

16. Zendaya

17. Chloe Bailey

18. And Halle, too!

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