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STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306

Source: Courtesy / Starz

Meech plans to travel to St. Louis to link up with J-Pusha. He hopes to build business in St. Louis and expand BMF. Terry returns to Detroit to welcome the new addition to the family.

1. On Sight

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

The episode began with three separate funerals taking place. The one in Atlanta was for the young kid Milton, who was caught in the crossfire of the shootout between BMF, the MKs and Techwood. Remi and Claude were a bit taken back when they seen Meech present. Meech expressed that he was just there to pay his respects. He also added how much of a shame it was that someone so young ended up dying. Remi wasn’t up for too much small talk with his rival, and when Meech walked away, Remi told Claude that from that point on…it was on sight. Afterwards, Meech met back up with the gang and invited all of them to his house for a family dinner and movie. On the side, he told Duffy how his next plan was to try and get Claude down with him so that they could get Remi out of the way. His plan would then be to align with the Techwood Boys and take out the MKs. Once Meech arrived at his home, we’re introduced to one of his neighbors, Ms. Watson. She gets on Meech about his HOA paperwork and cutting his grass. He swiftly reminds her that she has a husband but still has men coming in and out of her home. 

2. Bryant Is Pissed

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

In Detroit, Kevin and Diesel’s funeral services/burials are at the same graveyard. As Kevin’s proceedings come to an end and Bryant realizes who’s nearby, he and Jin (who came over to console him) make their way over to Diesel’s committal service. Bryant yells to everybody that his son shouldn’t be in the ground and he shouldn’t have to share the same soil as them. When Tee approaches him and tells him to show some respect, Bryant pushes him into Diesel’s open grave. After what happened at the funeral and having conversations with Meech and LaWanda, Tee realized that he needed to try and settle things with Henri once and for all so that there wouldn’t be any more bodies. 

3. Thought It Was

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

In the Flenory home, it seems like things are going well. As Lucille washes dishes, Charles holds her waist and you can hear her humming the song he wrote for her. Nicole walks in and catches a glimpse of this and asks them if they’re getting back together. Lucille responded by saying no and that Charles was just saying good morning. The way that he backed up after she said that and the look on his face said it all. The phone then rang and Nicole picked it up. It was obviously Maurice calling for Lucille. Lucille caught eyes with Nicole and signaled that she don’t give her the phone. As Nicole obliged and told Maurice he had the wrong number, Charles watched, realizing something was fishy. After Nicole leaves for school, Charles brings up to Lucille how he thought things were going good between them. She brings up how Pastor Fleming asked her to be her assistant pastor but she feels like a hypocrite because they’re not the model family. He tells her that she shouldn’t let shame dim her light. He continues by telling her that he’s putting their family back together starting with the two of them. Before he walks off, he reminds her that there’s a reason she chose him over Maurice in the first place. 

4. You Got The Wrong Number

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

5. “I’m Putting This Family Back Together”

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

6. Tread Lightly

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

At the gambling spot, Tee approaches Henri about settling their differences and ceasing all the bloodshed. Unsurprisingly, she tells Tee that there is no way that they will ever be cool and she won’t stop until she completely takes BMF off the map. Later on, Markisha hips Tee to who Blaze (Henri’s dad) is. She suggests that he go over Henri’s head and talk to him directly. 

Elsewhere, in the midst of a conversation they’re having, Bryant shares with Jin that Henri is actually a woman and not a man. After the two detectives don’t have any information on Amberson’s shooting, their captain tells Bryant that he is no longer suspended, instead he is terminated. Once Bryant leaves, Jin tells the captain about the information her and Amberson had gathered and how Bryant was involved with Henri. Instead of rewarding Jin, the captain flips the script and suspends her. 

Since he was now fired, Bryant made his way to Henri’s spot, brutally knocking out security guards as he got there. He entered her office with a shotgun pointed at her. Unfortunately for him, Blaze was right behind him with a gun pointed at him (two other workers also showed up a few seconds later). Blaze told Bryant that he knew that he didn’t understand Henri, but he would not let him put a bullet into her. Bryant responded by saying that she was the reason his son was in the grave. Blaze told him that he needed to lower his gun unless he wanted to be there with him. Blaze then told Henri that they were going to teach Bryant a lesson. 

7. Break Bread With The Family

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

In Atlanta, Claude and Remi get into a discussion that almost gets pretty heated. Claude thinks that it’s a good idea to team up with Meech and BMF because they can get better product, sell it for cheap and make more money. With that money, he feels like they’ll be able to get more artillery and more man power. Remi isn’t a fan of the idea at all. He tells Claude that they should instead get all the Atlanta crews together and run everyone else out. 

We catch up with Meech after the dinner at his crib. Him and Tina are riding behind Duffy as they approach a stop sign. Out of nowhere, the Red Dogs pulled up and took Duffy out of his car. As Meech and Tina watched them violate, the cops sent a K-9 toward their car, causing Meech to have to quickly reverse the vehicle and flea away. 

8. Mother Knows Best?

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

When Lucille brings Nicole birth control pills, the two have another heart to heart conversation. Nicole tells Lucille that she’s not even having sex and says that Lucille needs them more than she does. Lucille tells her that she knows what’s best for her and she doesn’t want her to end up stuck like her. Nicole vows to never end up stuck like Lucille, LaWanda, Lori or even Monique. She also emphasizes that her mom she should stop worrying about her so much because she has bigger things to worry about. 

Tee listened to Markisha and went to Blaze to voice his concerns with Henri. He explained why it would be beneficial for them to stop beefing and just come to a middle ground. Blaze seemed very impressed with Tee and the approach he was taking and told him that he would see what he could do. 

9. Is Lucille Stuck?

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

10. Intel Needed

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Meech is stressing due to the fact that he can’t figure out why Duffy and Laz haven’t been released yet. Angel mentions that Greeny’s also been MIA. She continues by saying a couple assistant district attorneys come by the club and she could ear hussle for him. Before he can finish telling her to go do it, they get a very loud knock at the door. Again it’s Ms. Watson coming over to complain about things that Meech needs to get done in order to continue staying in the neighborhood. 

11. Respect Is Earned

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Tee decided to show love and appreciation to the gang (like Meech urged him to). He bought everyone their own Detroit Piston jackets and told them that they could wear them at the Pistons game that he had bought them tickets to.

Apparently Tee’s words made a lot of sense to Blaze. At an event that Henri was instructed to come to (in order to make amends with all the cops/politicians her actions might’ve impacted), Blaze tells his daughter that she needs to take the deal that Tee has offered her. If she wasn’t already upset, she surely was once Tyson pointed out how Dizz (BMF’s mole inside Henri’s organization) and Tee looked at each other when he came to visit a few days before. 

Back at the Flenory’s, Lucille is getting prepared to go out when Charles asks her where she’s going. She tells him that they’re grown so she doesn’t have to lie and proceeds to let him know that she is going to dinner with Maurice. Charles tell her that she’s beautiful, he appreciates her for being honest and that he’ll give her however much time she needs to think things through. 

As she continues to mourn the death of Detective Amberson, Jin expresses to her father how she felt like the young cop was a second sister to her and how she thought she had gotten a second chance. Considering that she was now in more trouble at work, Jin asked her father what the point was. He wisely told her that we endure the bad to get to the good. He continued by sayign more good will come and that she must decide if getting what she wants is worth the walk through fire. 

12. What Next?

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Meech ended up meeting Claude at a restaurant. The two discussed how long the transition would take and what it would mean for his crew to moving Meech’s pure weight. Once they reached a bit of an understanding, they then spoke on how important it was for Remi to go if they wanted things to go back to being safe and normal. 

Angel does a great job of getting information out of the ADA. She finds out that Greeny got nabbed by the Gerogia Bureau of Investigations because he fraternizes with thugs, dealers…and killers. 

13. ATL To STL

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Duffy returns back to Meech’s crib after being arrested and he obviously was roughed up while he was in their custody. Before they can talk too much about it, Angel rushes in with some terrible news. She lets them know that Greeny implicated Meech for shooting Big Mike (Goldie, who was played by Monique, was actually the one who shot him). She adds that a secret grand jury has been impaneled and GBI is looking for him. Not even 30 seconds after that, Laz pops up with more bad news. He shares that they’re trying to get him to testify against Meech in a BS murder. Meech realizes the severity of what’s going on and immediately decides that he has to lay low, elsewhere. He shares that he’ll still be doing his thing but from St. Louis for the time being. He instructs them to keep doing everything that they’ve been doing and assures them that nothing’s going to change. Everyone seemed to be able to accept what was happening except for one person. After reminding him that she has no one, Angel expressed to Meech that she wanted to go to St. Louis with him. Meech responded and told her that he wasn’t bringing anyone and he knew that she’d be okay. Angel told him that he can’t be mad if she moves on by the time he comes back and even sneaks in a comment about hearing that Glock pays well. Meech was immediately disgusted and told her that she was no longer in his circle of trust and she needs to find a new place to stay. 

14. Never Loyal

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

15. Get Awaaay

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Back in the D, Tee thanks Markisha for the information she gave him on Blaze. She tells him that she isn’t just a trophy wife and that the reason Boom’s business ran so well was because of her. Markisha then throws out the idea of them going on a vacation together. Although Tee seems enthused about the idea, he can’t help but to note that LaWanda’s about to pop soon and it would have to be after that. By the look on Markisha’s face, you can tell that she didn’t want to hear that response. 

16. Who Does Lucille Really Want?

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

At dinner, Lucille finally tells Maurice why she’s been avoiding him. She brings up her and Charles history, their kids, etc. She also tells him that she’s trying to honor her vows to God. Maurice gets off the topic by mentioning him remembering her love for dance. The two take the dance floor and the chemistry is evident, especially when they share a kiss and both confirm that there’s no place they’d rather be. When the moment seemed to be perfect, Maurice gets an important page (he’s on call for work). Ironically enough, it’s Nicole calling him, as LaWanda had just went into labor. 

17. Priorities

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Tee ends up taking Markisha to his restaurant. While he tries to make sure everything is all good for her, she sneaks and turns off his cell phone and pager in hopes that she can have his undivided attention. Her plan didn’t work though. Minutes after she did what she did, you heard the phone ring in the restaurant and Tee was alerted that LaWanda was in labor. He didn’t waste any time at all getting up and heading out. Markisha was left looking salty by Tee’s actions, especially when Tee ordered Joe to take her home. 

When Charles arrives at home, he’s utterly shocked to see Maurice is helping LaWanda give birth (let alone there in the first place). The whole time, Charles is staring in disbelief while Lucille is staring at Maurice with googly eyes. When Tee finally arrives, LaWanda starts to curse him out about where he’s been (she tells him that his cook, Joe, already gave him up). Charles ends up taking Tee outside to cool down as things got a bit out of hand. Before going outside, Charles made sure to tell Maurice that Tee wasn’t his son. The whole interaction was entirely too much for Nicole, who rushed upstairs and made sure she took the birth control that Lucille gave her earlier in the episode. 

18. Another Casualty

STARZ 'BMF' Episode Stills for 306 Source:Starz

Before he left to go to St. Louis, Meech briefly met up with Claude. He basically told him that he needed to be a leader when it came to getting the crews together and that he would holler at him when he got back. 

The episode ended with Henri once again showing us exactly what kind of person she was. She somehow caught Dizz lacking along and decided that the only way he could pay for betraying her would be to burn him alive with a flamethrower. Once she was done lighting him on fire, she grabbed his Piston jacket that Tee had given him earlier in the episode, signaling that the war is far from over. 

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