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The latest TikTok trend has users discussing who raised them. The challenge dates back to late 2020, but more recently it gained popularity once the children of some of our favorite entertainers caught wind. Take a look at a gallery of TikTok videos from some of our favorite celebrity children below.

While some of y’all were raised by Karen and Chad, these celebrity children were raised by some of the most beloved 1990’s heartthrobs. Artists like Ginuwine, Nas and Brandy carried Hip Hop and R&B music for years, and also produced wonderfully gorgeous children. These entertainers birthed the next generation of beautiful people, some of which are also artists following in their parents footsteps. Their, now, adult children are taking the challenge to new heights with faces to prove flawlessness runs through their blood.

Tichina Arnold’s daughter Alijah, Method Man’s daughter Cheyenne, Nas’s daughter Destiny, and Brandy’s daughter Sy’rai are amongst the celebrity children who joined in on the fun challenge taking over TikTok. Some people are adding their “celebrity” parent lookalikes, who have us questioning if certain celebrities are hiding their children from the world.

Not to worry, we only included the real celebrity children in our list. It was cool to take a walk down memory lane with some of these videos, featuring throwback photos of some of our favorite celebrities. Enjoy this gallery of TikToks we’ve stumbled upon, which features some of the best faces in Hollywood. Join in the challenge and let us know who raised you in the comments.

1. Method Man’s Daughter Cheyenne Smith


One of our favorites got the challenge going. 

2. Tichina Arnold’s Daughter Alijah Kai


Tichina Arnold’s daughter Alijah Kai referring to her mom in the caption saying, “she’s a different breed.”

3. Ginuwine’s Daughter Story Asuandra


Literally, such a beautiful family. 

4. Luenell’s Daughter Danelle


Luenell’s daughter Danelle calling her, “the funniest momma ever.”

5. Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s Daughter Kennedy Franklin


Tammy Franklin’s daughter Kennedy Franklin says, “Tammy has always been that girl.”

6. Nas’ Daughter Destiny


Nasir’s daughter Destiny adds her version saying, “I miss childhood.” Oh to be a kid again. 

7. Brandy’s Daughter Syrai Smith


Brandy’s daughter Syrai Smith shares her iteration tagging her mom in the caption with a heart. 

8. Allen Iverson’s Daughter Tiarura Iverson


Allen Iverson’s daughter Tiarura Iverson shared hers, and we are just forever grateful for these throwbacks of “the answer.” 

9. Holly Robinson Peete’s Daughter Ryan Peete

Source:Holly Robinson Peete

Holly shares a video of her beautiful daughter saying, “Oh Ryan this is so cute! By the way I had to change the music because this was the number one song when I was 24! 😜😜😜Thank you for coming home and surprising Roman I love youuuuu see you soon 🥰🥰🥰🥰 #monday”