News recently broke that the youngest Obama daughter Sasha Obama has found love. Find out which popular actor's son she's dating inside.

The latest TikTok trend has users discussing who raised them. The challenge dates back to late 2020, but more recently it gained popularity once the children of some of our favorite entertainers caught wind. Take a look at a gallery of TikToks from some of our favorite celebrity children inside. 

Black History Month reminds us of the wonderful progressions Black people have made throughout American history. Our community often forgets to celebrate the tremendous contributions up ahead. We decided to change that with this list of Black celebrity children's career predictions. Check out our list inside.

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The celebrity Easter festivities are luxurious, entertaining and downright cute. We created a gallery of a few of our favorite celebrity families and their Sunday's best Easter outfits. 

According to TMZ, Kanye West has returned to the mountaintops of Wyoming with Travis Scott and friends, presumably to focus on music. We’re dying for a new album from ‘Ye, but we also kind of miss those days where we got to hear from him more. Breakups are hard and we’re getting over this one as […]

Kelly Rowland recently teamed up with fellow former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams to serenade her bundle of joy, Titan Jewell.

In case you missed it, Denzel Washington‘s son is fine. Like, really, really fine. Since we were first introduced to John David Washington on HBO show Ballers, we can’t get enough. But when you consider his good genes, that’s really no surprise. As the child of actors Denzel and Pauletta, John David was basically born for greatness. […]