1. Jordan Baker, 26, Killed January 2014 In Texas

An officer approached the Houston man thinking he matched the description of a suspect (Baker was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt). The officer claims a scuffle and a foot chase ensued when he asked for Baker’s identification. The officer also claims Baker charged at him, prompting him to fire his weapon. An investigation continues. The officer involved was placed on administrative leave.

2. McKenzie Cochran, 25, Killed January 2014 In Detroit

Cochran, who had been asked to leave a shopping mall for suspicious behavior, returned the next day and allegedly told a shop worker that he wanted to kill someone. Police restrained and pepper-sprayed the unarmed man, even as he told them he couldn’t breathe. The officer involved will not face charges.

3. Keith Vidal, 18, Killed January 2014 In North Carolina

Vidal’s parents called 911 to calm him down during a schizophrenic episode, but after attempting to stun the teenager a cop allegedly said, “we don’t have time for this” before shooting and killing him.

4. Yvette Smith, 47, Killed February 2014 In Texas

Smith was shot in the abdomen and hip by police responding to a domestic dispute at a home. Police originally claimed Smith had a firearm, but later retracted the statement. The officer involved was indicted on a murder charge.

5. Victor White III, 22, Killed March 2014 In Louisiana

Police allege White shot himself while in police custody in the back of a cruiser. White’s hands were handcuffed in the back — an autopsy determined the fatal wound was to the chest. As of September, federal authorities were investigating White’s death.

6. Dontre Hamilton, 31, Killed April 2014 In Milwaukee

Officer Christopher Manning shot Hamilton 14 times, some hitting him in the back, after questioning the man for sleeping at a nearby park. Prosecutors are deciding whether to charge Manning in the shooting.

7. Jason Harrison, 28, Killed June 2014 In Texas

Harrison’s mother dialed 911 seeking a team to help with her argumentative son, who suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. But when police arrived, they shot the man five times. Police claim Harrison was holding a screwdriver and refused to put it down when asked. Because officers had previously been called to calm Harrison down in the past, his family filed a lawsuit stating that excessive force was used.

8. Eric Garner, 43, Killed July 2014 In NYC

Eric Garner Police Brutality Source:Youtube

Garner, who was suspected of selling loose cigarettes, was placed in an illegal chokehold and killed in July. The officer involved was not indicted, although the entire incident was caught on tape.

9. Ezell Ford, Killed August 2014 In California

Police in Los Angeles shot and killed the mentally ill man after a brief struggle during an “investigative stop.” Family members say the man was lying down and complying with police orders when shot. An investigation is on hold.

10. Dante Parker, 36, Killed August 2014 In California

Parker was stunned with a Taser after resisting arrest. He was unarmed.

11. Kajieme Powell, 25, Killed August 2014 In St. Louis

Just days after Michael Brown’s shooting, police shot and killed Powell after suspecting he stole energy drinks at a local convenience store. Cops say Powell was armed with a small knife when he lunged at them, but a video shows that the 25-year-old wasn’t as close to police as originally reported and he was shot within 15 seconds of cops arriving on the scene.

12. Omar Abrego, 37, Killed August 2014 In California

Abrego was beaten to death by LAPD after a car chase. The officers involved were not charged.

13. Maria Godinez, 22, Killed August 2014 In Orlando

Godinez was struck by a stray bullet in a bar after cops tried subduing, then shooting at Kody Roach, a suspect who reportedly waved his gun outside a bar.

14. Michael Brown Jr., 18, Killed August 2014 in Ferguson, Mo.

mike brown ferguson

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot an unarmed Brown in the middle of the street, claiming the teen tried to take his gun during a brief struggle. Witnesses say Wilson shot Brown while the teen’s hands were in the air. A grand jury elected not to indict Wilson in November.

15. Darrien Hunt, 22, Killed September 2014 In Utah

Hunt, who was carrying a decorative sword while cosplaying, was shot by police after they tried to take it away. The officers involved were not charged with a crime.

16. Jack Jacquez, 27, Killed November 2014 In Colorado

Police shot and killed Jacquez after entering his house unexpectedly. According to Jacquez’s fiancée and mother, the 27-year-old had just returned to the house from helping a friend babysit when police arrived at the home. He was only carrying a skateboard, family members said. Officer James Ashby was charged with second-degree murder a month later.

17. Tamir Rice, 12, Killed November 2014 In Ohio

Tamir Rice

Police responding to a call that a child had a “probably” fake gun at an Ohio playground shot and killed the 12-year-old within 1.7 seconds. Tamir was in fact holding a toy gun. They let the wounded child lay for four minutes before administering first aid. The officers involved were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

18. Akai Gurley, 28, Killed November 2014 In NYC

Gurley, who was unarmed, was shot dead by a rookie NYPD officer in a dark stairwell of a housing project. The police department called his death an accident. An investigation is ongoing.

19. Tanesha Anderson, 37, Killed November 2014 In Cleveland

Anderson, who suffered from schizophrenia, died after police slammed her on the pavement outside of her home. A caller told 911 the 37-year-old woman was “disturbing the peace.” An investigation is ongoing.

20. Rumain Brisbon, 34, Killed December 2014 In Arizona

Brisbon was killed by an officer who mistook his bottle of pills for a gun. The 34-year-old was unarmed and reportedly taking food to his family. An investigation is ongoing.

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