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Happy Aunty and Uncle Day! Last year, we gave you a round-up of ur favorite celebrity aunts and uncles, but we didn’t realize some celebs actually hate it. Our favorites like Mary J. Blige and Gayle King say they are not to be referenced as “Aunty.” Check out a list of celebrities who would prefer not to be called Aunty inside.

Recently, The Upshaws star Kim Fields appeared on The Breakfast Club, disclosing that she hates being called an “Aunty” by her fans. The 53 year old actress shares her feelings about social media saying, “But social media, you know, there’s certain things like, anytime somebody tries to throw me in that ‘aunty’ zone I am quick to respond, ‘this is the no aunty zone,’ ‘hashtag no aunty zone,’ no I am nobody’s aunty, no.”

The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne the God disagrees with Fields’ obvious disdain saying he doesn’t mind when people address him as “Unc.”

Fans responded to her statement on social media saying, “Not an aunty? With that hairstyle.”

We had no idea the aunt and uncle discourse would cause this much commotion, but in our findings, we realized Fields is not the only one who hates the term.

Mary J. Blige once unapologetically said, “I am not your Aunt… why can’t I just be your sista?”

Well, we apologize for stirring the pot. Our favorite celebrity women are saying that they have no interest in being a fan’s Aunty. Some celebrities featured on the list believe that the term Aunty makes them feel old.

Here’s a list of celebrities who would prefer not to be called Aunty:

1. Mary J. Blige

Source:The Shade Room

“Why can’t I just be your sista?”

2. Kim Fields

Source:The Jasmine Brand

This is the “no Aunty zone.”

3. Ava Duvernay


During a sit down for Van Lathan’s podcast “The Red Pill,” Ava DuVernay shared that she doesn’t care for people calling her “Auntie Ava” on Twitter.

Here are some alternatives. 

4. Oprah & Gayle


Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King chimed in after the discourse around Ava’s feelings toward the name aunt. They both agreed that they hate it. 

“I cringe being called Auntie or Mama by anybody other than my nieces or godchildren,” Oprah shared with Oprah Daily. “Except if I’m in Africa, where it’s the custom for everybody to refer to anyone older as ‘Sister,’ or ‘Auntie,’ depending on the age difference. And there, no one refers to anyone older by their first name, out of respect.”

Meanwhile Gayle compared herself to Beyoncé, saying, “I get that it’s a sign of respect, but no one’s calling Beyoncé Auntie Beyoncé.”