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21 Savage’s love for a good R&B throwback has made him a viral sensation on TikTok. The TikTok community loves a good R&B heartthrob, and the East Atlanta rapper is unexpectedly the next on fans’ radar. Check out the viral video that has garnered over 47.5 creations and counting inside.

21 Savage’s affinity for a good R&B classic has made him TikTok’s newest sensation. A viral clip of him singing 702’s 1997 R&B hit “Get It Together” is the latest trending sound. It’s completely taken off on the platform with over 47.5 creations since it appeared.

It’s a mix of 21 Savage being fully engulfed (and really struggling to find the right key) that is both infectious and quite relatable to his fans on the platform.

TikTok creators have quickly discovered the audio of the clip and are obsessed with it too. The dramatics are on full display with many creative anecdotes. Some creators express their sadness for when they have to leave their adorable cats to go to work, leave a fun vacation, and separate from their partner after spending the whole day with them.

21 Savage’s appreciation for R&B has been on display since he began going live singing his favorite songs. From him crooning “Get It Together,” “Trust” by Keyshia Cole and Monica, or “My Boo” with Usher at his Vegas residency, the rapper is always sure to pay his respects to the R&B greats.

Can someone give 21 Savage an 90s R&B sing-a-long show already? Fans will have to settle for his tour with the Certified Lover Boy himself, Drake instead.

Check out some of our favorite TikTok videos created with 21 Savage’s now viral sound below:

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10. CTFU, Wait Til You’re An Adult