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Power Book II: Ghost

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Sunday’s Power Book II: Ghost episode was everything we’d hoped for after a three-week break from the hit series.

“What’s Free” picked up where episode 5 left off, with Lorenzo Tejada home from prison and Tariq in jail, but trying to negotiate his release. Luckily for the young kingpin-in-the-making, crooked Councilman Tate is in the mood to make a deal that will benefit him in the long run. While Tariq works on that, his girlfriend Lauren is realizing she was manipulated into helping the prosecution put Tariq away — she and Professor Carrie Milgram (who convinced her to wear a wire to supposedly catch Tariq’s right-hand man, Brayden) get into it. Lauren immediately lets Professor Milgram know she’s aware that she was having sexual relations with a student (Zeke Cross), which caught the Professor off-guard entirely. If Lauren knows, who else is aware?

Elsewhere, Lorenzo has ascended to the throne as the head of the Tejada household once more (or so he believes). Monet has quickly tired of her husband calling the shots and overruling her decisions; Cane is not fond of his father’s plan for his brother Dru to inherit the business; and, even Diana is not feeling the school her father singlehandedly decided she will attend.

When Tariq is finally awarded bail (and placed on house arrest), his girl Lauren is noticeably distant; his little sister Yasmine is already back in the system; and he has to confront Brayden for being naive enough to let Cane frame him for the Ramirez and Professor Reynolds murders. Also worth noting: Tariq ends up sleeping with his longtime, on-again-off-again love interest Effie, who had his back when he was released on bail.

Thinking Monet and Cane were working together to frame him and send him to prison, Tariq questions Monet directly and she lets him know putting the Ramirez and Reynolds murders on him was not her doing. Lorenzo has decided it’s too risky to work with Tariq, but Monet and Cane plan on doing so anyway to maintain some sense of independence. Mecca, Cane’s secret connect, is also adamant about meeting his son, Zeke, but now that Lorenzo is home Monet doesn’t feel like it’s the best idea and has told him to stay away. It doesn’t seem Mecca plans on falling in line, however, as he has asked Cane to setup a meet with his dad Lorenzo, who wanted to know who Cane’s connect is.

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