The 2011 BET Awards nominations have been released and it’s amazing what a difference a year makes. Chris Brown, who was once not invited to attend the BET Awards, walks away with six nominations this year. Chris leads the pack among his celebrity megastar counterparts with awards ranging from “Best Male R&B Artist” to “Best […]


(Brooke Mueller).Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards both occupy a place in Charlie Sheen’s heart: they are the mothers of his four children: twin boys by real estate investor Mueller, and two girls (Brooke Mueller). (Brooke Mueller).Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards both occupy a place in Charlie Sheen’s heart: they are the mothers of his four […]

Charlie Sheen should probably be in rehab right now, but instead he’s living it up on vacation with not one, not two, but three women! Yup, that’s right! Reportedly, Charlie Sheen left for a tropical vacation with new girlfriend Natalie Kenly, ex-wife Brooke Mueller, and porn star Bree Olson all by his side. PHOTOS: Charlie […]

It’s that time again–time for Global Grind to bring you our favorite Twitpics of the day! Twitter is the perfect media outlet for constant communication. You can post every minute detail of your day as much as you want–and while the 140 character limit is ok, it’s pictures that are worth a thousand words. Celebrities […]

President Obama’s message extends beyond “hope.”   [pagebreak] He has energized my generation to actively participate, not just in politics, but all corners of democracy – worldwide!   There is no doubt that Washington is difficult turf and I’m proud to have President Obama tackling the most challenging job in the world. -Brooke|Follow Me@Brooke’sWorld   Editor’s Note: […]


‘Britney Spears manager Larry Rudolph @Palms tells me she’s reached halfway point recording new album for Spring release sez it’s fantastic. Britney & Larry thrilled with all-time record rating for her appearance…’ reads a tweet from Robin Leach, who recently met with Spears’ manager Larry Rudolp. Adam Leber, her OTHER manager (i’m not quite sure […]


Haven’t written In a while but I’m I’m back out here in LA and back on the grind. It feels great to be bak in LA after a dramatic few months back home in AUS. So much has happened in the interim that I find it quite hard to know where to begin to write […]

I would like to toast to women who live bold and vibrant lives. I’m the honored to be around them! -Keri Hilson   [pagebreak] I would like to toast to my best friend Glenn Packard for making sure I always stayed on the straight and narrow and being my biggest cheerleader! -Brooke Hogan [pagebreak] I […]


It was once said that the only things that are certain in life is death and taxes. And while it is nearly impossible to evade death you can most certainly try to evade making your yearly tax payment to dear Uncle Sam until, well, death. For some of the celebrities mentioned in this post, that […]

Kanye West might have a new girlfriend. One of my spies tell me Kanye West was in a New York Starbucks with an exotic looking woman and he denied her cookies. According to a witness: ‘When Kanye’s girl tried to order a cookie, he said no and gave her a hard time because it was […]

Father’s day is this Sunday you guys! I hope everyone has their presents for daddy-o wrapped up and ready to go! I think it’s always a good idea to be creative when you’re picking out the perfect gift for your parents. I think I have a great present for my dad… I really hope he […]

Our girl, Brooke Hogan, was in her hometown of Miami Beach doing what every Miami Beach resident does, chill on the beach. The sexy songstress was out on the white sand getting her summer tan on. Of course the body looks amazing and the little bikini only proves it. The ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star was […]