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Britney Spears manager Larry Rudolph @Palms tells me she’s reached halfway point recording new album for Spring release sez it’s fantastic. Britney & Larry thrilled with all-time record rating for her appearance…’ reads a tweet from Robin Leach, who recently met with Spears’ manager Larry Rudolp.

Adam Leber, her OTHER manager (i’m not quite sure how many she has) tweeted, ‘So, I MAY or MAY not have seen Brit’s GLEE episode which MAY or MAY not be pretty damn incredible…’

MAY just happens to be in Spring, so it’s possible that May will be the release date for the new Britney Spears album – nothing official has been said though.

Leber also had this to say about the recording process: ‘Brit is working on the album. It’s going incredibly well. Possibly off to the best start yet. We have some amazing tracks.’



Top writers in the industry have been working in a camp together for Spears’ new album. Confirmed writers: Neon Hitch (Ke$sha), Bonnie McKee(Katy Perry), Toby Gad(Fergie, Beyonce), Oak(Brooke Hogan, Chris Brown), ANdrew Wansel(Nicki Minaj, Fantasia), Evan Kidd Bogart(Britney, Rihanna,Hilary Duff), Eric Bellinger(Selena Gomez), K. Briscoe(‘Womanizer’), the Nervo Sisters(Kylie, Kelly Rowland), Claude Kelly(Kelly Clarkson), and Danja.