<p>At the AT&amp;T U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Nathan Chen lifts the gold medal in the final event and teaches a lesson to the seniors. The tiny gold medalist</p>

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Soulja Boy’s twitter page gets deleted. Well, sort of…. Check the video to see the young millionaire rapper go from over 2 million followers to zero.

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Tyrese Gibson attended the premiere to his latest film, Legion, in Los Angeles looking a little more gangster than usual.&nbsp; I personally love the look, kind of Godfather 2010.&nbsp; Check out the&nbsp;trailer to legion along with more pics of Tyrese.</p><p>Paul Bettany, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, director Scott Stewart, Kate Walsh, Dennis Quaid, actress Willa Holland, […]

<p>I am not complaining.&nbsp; I want to say that right up front.&nbsp; I am beginning to question the fallacy that all models have to be Amazon Women though.&nbsp; I keep seeing the profiles of these tiny little women who are in the field of modeling and I for one want to stand up for the […]

<p>To celebrate Corinne Bailey Rae’s upcoming album, ‘The Sea’, RemRnB (www.twitter.com/RemRnB) is giving YOU the chance to WIN the OFFICIAL ALBUM before it’s released on February 2, 2010.</p><p>To have a chance of winning this album, just EMAIL US [info at soulfulsynerty dot com] the answer to the following question:</p><p><strong>In her mid-teens, Corinne became obsessed with […]

<p>&nbsp;"Florida radio guy calls earthquake deaths "a good thing.""</p><p>Popular Florida shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge is in a bit of hot water over some outrageous comments he made on Twitter and his radio show concerning the earthquake tragedy in Haiti.</p><p>The trouble for Bubba started last Thursday when he Twittered: <strong>"I say f–k Haiti. Why […]

<p>Bill Gates profile news: Chairman of Microsoft Bill Gates twitter and profile page facebook profile page has been created. Now twitter users can meet to Bill Gates vie twitter profile. Facebook users can check latest photo and video of Bill Gates on facebook profile.[Photos: Bill Gates latest photos Form FaceBook]</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Kim Kardashian just posted these pics on her Twitter page and it got us thinking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of celebrities and Twitter. Demi Moore: When big-time Twitterer (@mrskutcher) received a tweet on her feed reading, “gbye . . . gonna kill myself now.”, some of her 388,000 followers contacted the […]

<p>Now the Former boss of Microsoft Mr. Bill Gates has joined twitter and became the most popular user on twitter. Although there were some fake account by his name previously. But this time Mr. Bill Gates step in twitter in reality.</p>


Mo-o-om! Such was the plaintive, tweeted cry of 22-year-old rapper Bow Wow, who begged his awkwardly @-tweeting, flirtatious mother to quit Twitter the other night. But no, she refused to go, and the micro fight got ugly. After Bow Wow’s tweeted drunk driving incident on New Year’s Eve, it was about time @bowwow614 got some […]

<p>Both Sanjay Gupta and Anderson Cooper are sending twitter remarks of their own as well as of other Haitian people on CNN. This is how through this twitters</p>