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Just like Kanye and Jay told us when they dropped “Watch The Thone” earlier this year, 2011 had a lot of “that sh*t cray!” moments…

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The highs and lows of different story lines kept us captivated in 2011, from President Barack Obama bussing a cap in the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden, to Kim Kardashian’s shotgun wedding – aka it ended as soon as the trigger was pulled.

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Anyone remember the rise of the homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams? Or how about the Egyptian uprising which sparked every other protest movement from Occupy Wall Street to Syria?

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Like we said, there were many highs and lows of 2011, thankfully GlobalGrind put it all together in one place for you. 

So let’s take a look back on the year that was 2011 and all the cray sh*t it brought.

1. Gabby!

On January 8, 2011, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head outside a Safeway grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, during her first “Congress on Your Corner” gathering of the year.

A man ran up to the crowd and began firing. 13 people were injured and six others were killed in the shooting. Gabrielle has since recovered from her assassination attempt.

2. Palin’s Blood Libel!

Sarah Palin wasn’t feeling the hate she was getting after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, when it was revealed that Giffords appeared on Palin’s infamous ‘crosshairs’ map, which targeted legislators who voted for Obama’s health care bill. 

So on Jan 12th, Palin defended herself and blamed the media for having a “blood libel” against her.

3. We All Prayed!

On March 11, 2011 waves of a tsunami hit residences after a powerful earthquake in Japan. The largest earthquake in Japan’s recorded history also slammed the Eastern Coast. 


4. Intense!

May 1, 2011: In this photo, released by the White House Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with with members of the national security team, watched the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House.

5. Dead And Gone!

In this undated file image from video seized from the walled compound of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and released by the U.S. Department of Defense, a man, who the American government identified as Osama bin Laden, watches television, showing an image of U.S. President Barack Obama.  

6. We Ain’t Leaving!

On Feb. 22, 2011 young people put up a fight against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s budget bill. Many protesters slept in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol.  

7. Hosni Out!

On Sept. 7, 2011 former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak lies on his bed while being taken to the courtroom for another session of his trial in Cairo, Egypt. 

8. Steve Jobs!

On Oct. 5th 2011 the world lost one of its greatest innovators as the face of Apple Inc. passed away, leaving behind a legacy of some of the world’s best products. 

9. Famine

Minhaj Gedi Farah, a seven-month-old child with a weight of 3.4kg, is held by his mother in a field hospital of the International Rescue Committee, IRC, in the town of Dadaab, Kenya.

10. Hawkeye!

Hawkeye became the dog of the year as he laid by the casket during the funeral of his owner, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, on August 19th

11. Weiner Man!

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s world came crashing down after it was revealed that he indulged in sexual behavior over the social media site Twitter, sending lewd photos of himself to women. 

12. Global Crazy!

A victim yells in agony after one man created one of Norway’s most violent days in their history. Below is Anders Behring Breivik sitting in an armored police vehicle after leaving the courthouse following a hearing in Oslo. 

13. Party Time!

Rebel fighters stomp on the head of a Moammar Gadhafi statue inside his compound in Bab al-Aziziya in Tripoli, Libya.

Hundreds of Libyan rebels stormed Gadhafi’s compound, charging wildly through the symbolic heart of the crumbling regime as they killed loyalist troops, looted armories and knocked the head off a statue of the besieged dictator. 

14. Freeze In Hell!

On Oct. 21, 2011 the body of Libyan dictato

r Moammar Gadhafi lies on a mattress in a commercial freezer at a shopping center in Misrata, Libya. 

15. Crash Landing!

On Sept. 16, 2011 a P-51 Mustang airplane crashed during an air show in Reno, Nev. The vintage World War II-era fighter plane piloted by Jimmy Leeward plunged into the grandstands during the popular annual air show. 

16. Playa!

Now that’s too many kids and wives. A 66-year-old Indian man has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren, all living under one roof. The whole family lives in a four story building with 100 rooms in a mountainous village in Mizoram state. The entire family of 167 people consumes around 200lb of rice and more than 130lb of potatoes a day.

17. Stage Show!

On Aug. 13, 2011 an overhead stage collapsed into the crowd in front of the stage at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.

18. RUN!

On July 19, 2011a leopard attacked a forest guard at Prakash Nagar village near Salugara, on the outskirts of Siliguri, India. 

19. Crash Landing!

On March 22, 2011 the tail of a cargo aircraft stands above the buildings of densely populated Pointe-Noire, Congo, after it crashed, killing at least 19 people.

20. Christopher Lee

On February 9, 2011, New York Rep Lee was found to have been soliciting at least one male-to-female transsexual on Craigslist. Claiming to be a 39-year-old divorced lobbyist but using his real name, he used a Google Gmail account to send her a shirtless photo taken with his BlackBerry phone.

21. Kingston’s Back!

Sean Kingston gave the hip-hop world a scare when he crashed his jet ski in Miami on May 29, 2011. Kingston and a female passenger were severely injured when their jet ski struck the bridge connecting Palm Island with the MacArthur Causeway. Kingston suffered a fractured wrist and broken jaw along with water in the lungs. 

22. Terminator Jr. 

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s world came crashing down, after it was revealed he had an affair with his 20 year housekeeper and had a child with her. 

23. Baby Bey!

At the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Beyonce revealed to the world that she was pregnant, rubbing her belly which had Twitter going crazy. 

24. Lap Dance Minaj!

During her summer music tour Nicki Minaj would lap dance with every celeb who came to her show, it started with Lil Wayne … soon enough Drake, Steve Nash and even Britney Spears had the chance to get a lapdance from Minaj. 

25. Murray!

On Nov. 7th Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of one count of involuntary manslaughter after administering a fatal dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol to King of Pop Michael Jackson back in June of 2009.

26. Mr. Uh Oh!

Famed Hot 97 DJ Mr. Cee was arrested and charged with lewd conduct. Cee was reportedly engaged in a sexual act with a man in a parked car in New York in May of 2011.

27. Eddie Long!

2011 was a year to forget for Atlanta Pastor Bishop Eddie Long, who settled a case after a group of young men accused him of using his power to influence them into sexual relationships with him. Then in Nov of 2011 his wife filed for divorce.  

28. I Don’t!

On May 17, 2011 a 22-year-old woman tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window of a seventh floor building in Changchun city in northeastern China’s Jilin province. The bride cut her wrists and tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend broke up with her just before the marriage.

29. Wall Of Dust!

The dust wall, known as a haboob, reached peak heights of 8,000 to 10,000 feet when it hit Arizona in July of 2011.

30. Derailed!

On July 11, 2011 Indian railway workers remove debris of a derailed passenger train, near Bhatkuchi, about 70 kilometers west of Gauhati, India.

31. Oh No!

Animal carcasses lie on the ground at the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, Ohio. Police had to kill the animals because the owner of the exotic-animal park threw their cages open and committed suicide in what may have been one last act of spite against his neighbors and police.

32. DSK!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, waits to be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court for the alleged attack on a maid.

Since his infamous case, DSK has returned to France.

33. Homecoming!

Amanda Knox cries after hearing the verdict that overturns her conviction and acquits her of murdering her British roommate Meredith Kercher in central Italy. Italian appeals court threw out Amanda Knox’s murder conviction and ordered the young American freed after nearly four years in prison. 

34. Free Bird!

Casey Anthony was released in Orlando, Fla in 2011. Anthony was acquitted of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

35. He Said What!

In June 2011, former Dior designer John Galliano was charged with hurling anti-Semitic slurs in a Paris cafe – allegations that shocked the fashion world and cost him his job. 

36. Rozay!

The Bawse Rick Ross suffered two seizures in the same day in October. One of the biggest hip-hop stories of 2011.

37. Dancing With Chaz!

Chaz Bono became the first transgendered person to appear on the popular reality show “Dancing With The Stars.” 

38. The Case Of Amber Cole!

Amber Cole had the internet going crazy after a video surfaced of the young teen performing oral sex on a boy at her High School. 

39. Lockout!

The NBA players and owners had a five month lockout, which cut down the season to 66 games. By the end both sides got what they wanted, sort of, but the season was saved. 

40. Gaga Goes Barney

Lady Gaga hooked up with Barney’s in New York to bring some exclusive taste to the retail giant by creating her very own Gaga workshop. 

41. Gaga And Britt

Jo Calderone aka Lady Gaga locked lips with Britney Spears during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

42. Winning!

Charlie Sheen was winning and drinking his Tiger Blood. The actor went H.A.M. after he was fired from his hit show Two and Half Men. 

43. Bring In Ashton!

Ashton Kutcher took Charlie Sheen’s spot on Two and Half Men after Sheen had his infamous meltdown. 

44. It’s Over!

After a slew of sexual infidelity allegations, Demi Moore decided to call it quits with her seven year hubby Ashton Kutcher.

45. Lovey Dovey!

The most intimate couple award goes to Amber and Wiz, the two were seen all year round kissing and hugging every where they went. 

46. Money Mayweather!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won another fight this year, but the way he won had people going crazy. The champ K.O.’d Victor Ortiz when they fought in Vegas.

47. Oh No!

Shannon Stone fell from the stands at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington when reaching for a foul ball after outfielder Josh Hamilton flung him the baseball.

48. Amy Winehouse!

On July 23rd the world lost an angel when the body of singer Amy Winehouse was removed from her home following her death, in north London. Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London home. She was 27. 

49. Royalty!

The First Lady Michelle Obama center, accompanied by her daughters, Malia, left and Sasha, meet former South African President Nelson Mandela, at this home in Houghton, South Africa over the summer. 

50. Kisses!

Britain’s Prince William kisses his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding in London, the wedding of the year.

51. Blown Away!

In May 2010 many in the Mid-West faced the path of a powerful tornado in Joplin, Mo. 

52. We Remember!

This year we observed the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, look as the “Tribute in Light” shines above lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and One World Trade Center. 

53. M.L.K.!

In Aug of 2011 people viewed the new Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial in Washington, it was a long time to wait but it was well worth it. Millions have visited the memorial since it opened. 

54. What In The?

Lil Wayne had the internet going crazy after he wore these leopard pants At The 2011 VMA’s.

55. Jersey Shore Goes International!

The hit MTV reality show Jersey Shore spent some time in Italy in 2011 where we saw all the antics of the group. 

56. Gay Marriage Comes to NY!

The first gay couple to get married in Manhattan: Phyllis Siegel, 76, (L) and Connie Kopelov, 84, holds up their marriage certificate.

57. That Sh*t Cray!

Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped one of the most anticipated albums of 2011: Watch the Throne. The album sold tons and the duo have been riding the throne rollercoaster for the rest of the year.

58. Preggo!

Singer and designer Jessica Simpson announced to the world she was pregnant. But it took her awhile!

59. The Snake!

Not only did Justin Bieber bring a snake to the MTV Music Awards but then it was alleged by fan Mariah Yeater that he had a baby with the 19 year old California girl. It was later revealed that the whole ordeal was a hoax. 

60. Dynamic Duo!

In an effort to bring in a younger audience, the Academy Awards decided to have James Franco and Anne Hathaway host their telecast – with mixed results. 

61. Kim K’s Wedding!

Kim Kardashian had the most expensive wedding of the year to NBA baller Kris Humphries – and at 72 days, the shortest. 

62. Wrong Turn!

On October 16th Indy rivers crashed during a wreck that involved 15 cars at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas. Driver Dan Wheldon was airlifted to a hospital. 

63. Harold Camping!

Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster, had the world going crazy when he said the world was going to end on Oct. 21. We’re still here. 

64. Animal Of The Year!

A macaque monkey in Indonesia took a camera from a wildlife photographer before snapping himself in a variety of poses back in July.

65. What A Croc!

Mayor Cox Elorde of Bunawan township, Agusan del Sur Province, pretends to measure a huge crocodile which was captured by residents and crocodile farm staff along a creek in the southern Philippines. 

66. Bachmann’s Dog!

Republican Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann was caught at the right moment while eating a footlong corndog. It’s safe to say the photo had the internet going nuts.

67. Wendi Murdoch!

Faster than Muhammad Ali, Wendi Murdoch, the wife of billionaire media mogul Rupert, came to her husband’s aid after a man tried to attack him while he was testifying during his phone tapping investigation.

68. Golden Voice!

After he was discovered by the road, Ted Williams became an internet star once he opened his mouth. The golden voice homeless man became a sensation. 

69. Dunn!

We lost a Jackass in 2011 when Ryan Dunn crashed his car while driving home from a bar in Pennsylvania. 

70. Bloody Mess!

Dutch Rabo rider won’t let a little blood slow him down, after he crashed descending from the Col d’Agnes mountain pass during the 15th stage of the Tour De France. 

71. Tebow Time!

Tim Tebow became a football star in 2011, he got so big, Tebowing became the thing to do in 2011 and became a new word in the dictionary.

72. Worst Person EVER!

This was definitely the WTF story of the year. Lenny Love, 29, from Silverton, Ohio admitted to police that he raped his 6-month-old son and infected him with the H.I.V. virus. What else can we possibly say about this guy?

73. Repealed!

After years of debate, the controversial military policy “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” which prohibited gays from serving openly was repealed. 

74. Where It All Started!

NYPD arrest marchers from Zuccotti Park’s Occupy Wall Street, during a protest near One Chase Manhattan Plaza in New York. OWS changed the national conversation in 2011, they had the President on their side and kept Republicans on their toes with every debate. 

75. Sprayed!

A UC Davis police officer pepper sprayed seated, nonviolent protestors from less than 5 feet away.

76. Old Timer!

84-year-old activist Dorli Rainey was hit with pepper spray during an Occupy Seattle protest.

77. Kissing Couple!

After the Stanley Cup Final, Vancouver fans weren’t to happy when their team lost and decided to burn down the streets. But this couple kissing was the story for the moment.

78. London Riots!

London erupted in 2011, following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan. Between August 6th and 10th several London boroughs and districts of cities and towns across England suffered widespread rioting, looting and arson.

79. Disgrace!

On November 4, 2011, a grand jury indicted Jerry Sandusky on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys over the course of 15 years. Those counts have been risen to 52 after more victims came forward accusing Sandusky of sexual abuse.

80. Gross!

On October 28, 2011 in Washington County, Oregon, a 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend were busted taking pictures with a gutted dead horse – naked! 

81. Shots Fired!

On March 20, 2011 Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand in the city of Delmas, just outside Port-au-Prince Haiti.

82. R.I.P.

The hip-hop world was stunned when Heavy D, Dwight Arrington Myers, passed away on November 8, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 44. D collapsed outside his Beverly Hills home and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It has been reported that his death was due to pneumonia.

83. Tracy Morgan!

On June 3, 2011, during a standup performance in Nashville, Tennessee, Morgan made inflammatory comments about gay people, reportedly including that, if his son were gay, he would “pull out a knife and stab” him. Morgan apologized, saying that he had “gone too far.” 

84. That’s What She Said!

Steve Carrell ends his reign as Office manager.

85. The Last Show!

On May 25, 2011 The Big O taped her final show of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

86. Mimi’s Twins!

Mariah Carey tweeted this picture of her painted belly during her pregnancy. 

87. Rihanna Down!

During this year’s Caribbean Carnival “Man Down” singer Rihanna went H.A.M. on on a parade float, causing the internet to go wild over her scandalous pictures.

88. Keep Keith Olbermann Current

On January 21, 2011, Olbermann announced his departure from MSNBC and the episode would be the final one of Countdown. MSNBC issued a statement that it had ended its contract with Olbermann, with no further explanation.

89. Lilo’s Back!

Legal troubles throughout 2010 didn’t stop this former child star from getting her hustle on. Lindsay Lohan closed out 2010 with her epic Playboy layout.

90. T.I.’s In And Out!

Two jail stints and a detainment still didn’t stop T.I. from his hustle. The ATL rapper is back with a new reality show starring his wife Tiny. 

91. Tupac’s Back…With A Sextape?

TMZ broke the story that a reported sextape of the famed rapper surfaced. The tape was from 1991 featuring Tupac and a gang of groupies. 

92. The Jackson Kids Come Out:

After years of being hidden from sight, in 2011 Michael Jackson’s three children became stars of their own. 

93. The White House Shooter:

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez is the man charged with firing shots near the White House on November 11, 2011. Two bullets hit the exterior window of the White House but didn’t get through because of the bullet proof glass.

94. Virginia Tech Shooting:

On December 8, 2011, 

com/news/virginia-tech-reports-shooting-campus-gunman-details” target=”_blank”>Virginia Tech was hit with another tragedy as a lone gunman shot and killed police officer Deriek Crouse. 

95. Julian Assange

The Wikileaks founder had to do some time this year over hacking allegations and sexual molestation charges but was later freed.

96. Guy Fawkes Mask

The hacker group Anonymous went H.A.M. around the internet in 2011 making videos and threatening anyone who got in their way.

97. Bunga Bunga

Soon to be Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had a good time in 2010 with his Bunga Bunga sex parties with a slew of different woman.

98. Mexican Drug War

The Mexican drug war, from  December 2006 to October 2011 has claimed the lives of 45584. The drug war has continued to claim the lives of everyone living Mexico.

99. He Has A Name: 

Troy Davis was executed by lethal injection at 11:08pm (EST) on September, 21 2011 for the 1989 murder of Savannah, Georgia police officer Mark MacPhail.