Who is Oprah Winfrey?  If you ask 50 Cent, he’d present to you a scraggly and adorable grey terrier that is fully equipped with a Twitter account to spit shockingly dirty wrath in human lingo.   Fiddy’s dog, Oprah’s Twitter account @OprahTheDog was launched with, “50 is crazy I want a new f-in owner he […]


Pearce Delphin, 17, said that he exposed a security flaw in the site, which allowed hackers to send unsuspecting Twitter users to Japanese porn sites, simply ‘to see if it could be done’. The worm affected several high-profile Twitter users, including Sarah Brown, the wife of Gordon Brown, and Robert Gibbs, the White House press […]

Its that time again where we show you our Favorite Celeb Twit Pics of the day! Our favorite celebrity tweeters never fail to keep us in the loop of their whereabouts, and just in cased you missed it, we’ve got you covered on their latest. Check out pictures of TPain rocking an iced out Ciroc […]


Alyssa Milano, one of the most influential celebrity tweeters out there, has launched the first ever celebrity tweet auction on eBay and it’s all in the name of charity. With 100% of the winning bid set to go to aHomeInHaiti (an organization that builds shelters, homes, and schools for Haitians devastated by the earthquake) this […]

Its time for the most amazing twitpics of the day! Jay-Z and Eminem had a concert in New York on Tuesday and Wednesday night of this week and the celebrities were out and about showing support. And for those of us who couldn’t make the concert for whatever reason, we’ve got twitpics so you don’t […]

Instead of searching through your busy timeline for pictures, we just rounded up some of the best and more interesting twitpics of the day. Today was a very interesting day for twitpics. With a variety of different celebrity faces from different areas of entertainment, our list of celeb twitpics is diverse, to say the least. […]

If an artist is only as good as his/her twitter following, then Soulja Boy, Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian are among the most talented individuals of our time. I am fascinated with the general public’s desire to know what celebrities are doing on a daily basis. There is now a website that enables us to […]

Kanye West is back to his shallow tweets again. Tweets about his ‘camel suits’ and ‘white tretorns’ are the highlight of my day personally. Taylor Swift however didn’t take to kind to Kanye West’s twitter apology. According to an insider “Taylor is furious that Kanye keeps discussing the VMAs incident. She’s fed up of hearing about […]

Twitter is the latest way to stalk follow whoever you want, from celebrities to politicians to groupies to everyday people. With the click of a mouse, you are in whoever’s world you choose to be in.  Ryan Leslie will tell you to meet him at the Apple store and buy and sign an iPod for […]

Ashley Tisdale Twitter Grind Up is a complete break down and analysis of Ashley Tisdale‘s twitter page. For months we have followed Ashley Tisdale’s Twitter, some might even say we have stalked her twitter page, and after our evaluation we give Katy 8 of 10 Grinds. GlobalGrind’s Twitterscope: Ashley Tisdale uses twitter to give everyone a […]


Soulja Boy is in desperate need of a new publicist. As you’ve no doubt heard, the ‘Pretty Boy Swag’ emcee has been in the middle of controversy involving Super-Groupie Kat Stacks and a few lines of cocaine. Last night, Soulja went on a bizarre twitter rant against Fabolous, threatening to beat him up. He’s since […]


Kanye West went on a two hour twitter rant about life, being destroyed by the media and the VMAs. Kanye West’s rant or press conference began around 8:30am eastern time on Saturday morning and ended about 10:48 am. During his tweets Kanye West opened himself up like no celebrity on twitter before him. It started with […]