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Apple Pay Cash is finally making its way to phones. The new person- to-person payment method, similar to Venmo, is now enabled in public betas of updates to iOS and WatchOS for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. The final form of Apple Pay Cash is set to be out by the end of the year. […]

The New Yorker thanked the creators of the app via Twitter saying, "Y'all made a helluva thing." If you thought Apple‘s recent updates regarding the Apple Watch were dope, wait until you see this. The company seems to have started working on its next wearable tech device. Apple has reportedly filed a patent application to create an interactive smart ring. Yes, an Apple Ring may be in the works. The Verge reports: “As Apple […]

Is the Apple Watch set to become style’s next must-have accessory? The Apple Watch is scheduled to ship this week, but with delivery delays many may not receive their orders until June or later. As expected, for celebrities, these rules do not apply. A handful of our favorite stars, including Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Drake have already […]

Today was a big day for those who religiously use Apple products, as the major tech corporation announced what’s to come at their ‘Spring Forward’ event. The company’s CEO Tim Cook kicked off the event for those in attendance, as well as viewers tuning in on their live stream earlier today, and led into many […]

You read that right. The Apple Watch has officially made its editorial debut. At first glance of Vogue China’s November issue, all you see are cheekbones. Supermodel Liu Wen’s exquisite, envy-inducing cheekbones. And then you see it: the latest must-have wrist piece that’s set to go on sale as soon as January 2015. Last month, it was the […]

Just last month, Apple introduced us all to the highly-anticipated Apple Watch, and yesterday, fashion folk flocked to the Colette store in Paris to get a first glimpse at its Paris Fashion Week debut. Apple has been making big fashion hires for the past year or so, tapping the biggest names in the industry to join […]

We’ve done it—we’ve reached next-level laziness. The year is 2014, and technology is advancing more rapidly than our wallets can keep up. Don’t get us wrong—we love all of our gizmos and gadgets and can barely function for five minutes without obsessively unlocking our iPhones for absolutely no reason—but do we really need to have […]