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We’ve done it—we’ve reached next-level laziness. The year is 2014, and technology is advancing more rapidly than our wallets can keep up.

Don’t get us wrong—we love all of our gizmos and gadgets and can barely function for five minutes without obsessively unlocking our iPhones for absolutely no reason—but do we really need to have immediate access to our text messages, tweets, and emails on our wrists and in our hands at the same damn time?

With news of the highly anticipated Apple Watch set to go on sale sometime next year starting at $349, we’ve thought about it, and the answer is no. And if we can be completely honest, it’s not exactly, well, cute. It’s basically just an iPod Nano fixed to a watchband with a magnet. Sorry, not sorry.

Call us old school, but we’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite watches that combine fashion and function—maybe not as many functions and features as an Apple product might have—but function the way they were intended to. Shop ’em with a single click down below.

1. Rumbatime Gramercy Watch, $60. 2. MARC by Marc Jacobs Molly Analog Watch, $225. 3. Casio G-Shock GA200GD-9A, $200. 4. Kate Spade Rumsey Watch, $125. 5. Michael Kors Mid-Size Runway Watch, $180. 6. DKNY Chambers Round Chain Watch, $135. 7. Karl Lagerfeld Pyramid Bracelet Watch, $175. 8. Nixon Kensington Leather Watch, $125. 9. Kate Spade Embossed Croc Watch, $195. 10. Casio Digital Watch, $54. 11. Sarah Designs Chain & Bead Wrap Watch, $328. 12. DKNY Beekman Bangle Watch, $215. 13. MARC by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch, $175.