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If you thought Apple‘s recent updates regarding the Apple Watch were dope, wait until you see this.

The company seems to have started working on its next wearable tech device. Apple has reportedly filed a patent application to create an interactive smart ring. Yes, an Apple Ring may be in the works.

The Verge reports: “As Apple describes it, the ring could have a touchpad or a touchscreen, it’d likely have haptic feedback to let a wearer know when something has happened, and it could include a microphone for dictating commands. The ring might even be able to determine what you’re writing by following the motion of your hand.”

The company goes on to state that there’s a need for a more “discreet” way to interact with touchscreens. Interesting, just when you thought the Apple Watch couldn’t get any smaller. It should be noted that the patent application is merely that: an application. So there’s no way of knowing what will actually come of it.

Still, it’s safe to say that the idea of an Apple Ring is definitely floating around. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: The Verge | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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