In 2011, we called John Boyega the future of Hollywood. We saw it early. In January of this year, Interview Magazine called the 22-year-old Attack The Block star “The Best Of The Next.” The kid is that good. So good, he’s been cast as one of the stars in the next Star Wars trilogy. For now, […]

If sci-fi horror comedies are your thing, “Attack The Block” from British filmmaker Joe Cornish might be a movie you should check for. The film is about a group of inner-city kids in South London who have to band together to fight off aliens who’ve come to Earth to terrorize their ‘hood. With British accents […]

A husband, house, and career– what more could a girl ask for? In theory, that would mean a woman has it all. But what if we’re still not happy? That’s the issue tackled in ‘Eat, Pray Love,’coming to theaters today, August 13th starring Julia Roberts. Definitely not the ideal situation to be in, Liz Gilbert […]


I was talking with my girlfriend last night and she asked me if I heard about the new Obama bumper stickers that are asking people to ‘Pray for Obama.’  I hadn’t, so I quickly looked it up and found many of them for sale on the internet.  On the surface, they look like a nice […]


The contest isn’t over yet….for ya’ll who didnt believe it was me.   Let’s go..challenge me!!


i been reading the responses and admit ya’ll can almost keep up with me!   Challenge this one…           QUARTER WATERS W/ SUNFLOWER SEEDS FROM THE BODEGA…         follow me on twitter @jimjonescapo   CONTEST RULES AND LEGAL DISCLAIMER, its staff and its owners reserve sole and final […]


WE ON FIRE WITH THIS 1…CAN YOU DO BETTER?           ‘PLAY BASKETBALL, GO TO SCHOOL AND GO TO CHURCH ALL WITH THE SAME PAIR OF DRESS SHOES’           CONTEST RULES AND LEGAL DISCLAIMER, its staff and its owners reserve sole and final judgment as to all […]