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I was talking with my girlfriend last night and she asked me if I heard about the new Obama bumper stickers that are asking people to ‘Pray for Obama.’  I hadn’t, so I quickly looked it up and found many of them for sale on the internet.  On the surface, they look like a nice gesture from good ol’ Americans…but dig a little deeper into the King James’ and you are in for a surprise.

Here is Psalm 109:8: Let his days be few; let another take his office.

Here is Psalm 109:9 Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

They also come printed on t-shirts, if you only have a bicycle or take the subway:

After seeing these stickers, t-shirts and listening to Bill O’Reilly’s interview yesterday with Lou Dobbs where he asked (with a straight face) if Obama ‘is the devil?’ — I think I’ve had enough.  I can take Glenn Beck calling our President a ‘racist’ and I can take the tea-baggers and I can take the town hall protests and I can even take Sarah Palin’s book tour….BUT, our fellow countrymen and women are now crossing the line.  This is not healthy debate or good political discourse….this is downright scary and 100% un-American. 
I urge you all to get involved and speak up…let us stop complaining that the President is not acting quick enough or that he should have gone for single-payer healthcare and without it I won’t support the reforms he is trying to implement…let us stop talking about his slow decision on Afghanistan (remember when we made quick decisions in the past…didn’t always work out, did they?)…and let us begin to stand up and support our President and drown out the hatred, racism and scary Americans who think that a t-shirt, a bumper sticker, a news network or a 400 person protest will stop us from creating an America that is fair and just to all of it citizens.
-Michael Skolnik
Political Editor,
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