August Alsina had an amazing end to 2014 after hitting the road for a successful tour with Usher, as well as landing appearance after appearance, but it looks like he’s just welcomed  the new year with a bang that he probably didn’t want. The Testimony singer was set to perform at the State Of Emergency 2 concert […]

It's Wednesday, but it's never too early to celebrate #EggplantFriday. Check out these delicious eggplants in the accompanying gallery.

Kevin Gates is back at it with new music, and now he’s got a video to accompany the track titled after his signature phrase “I Don’t Get Tired.” After making “IDGT” hot in hip-hop, with the likes of Chris Brown saying it in tons of Instagram videos, the Stranger Than Fiction rapper celebrates his success by turning […]

If he isn’t considered one of fashion’s greats just yet, 23-year-old Roper Rope is certainly headed there. The tastemaker- who still remembers the first time he put medium to canvas in the form of drawing, a heady moment in middle school – has been buzzing after his self-titled line was seen dripping off of the […]

It’s been an emotional ride in America. Last night, a grand jury of 12 individuals decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of unarmed teenager Mike Brown. The decision immediately sparked protests in Ferguson, as well as cities across the nation, including New York City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Chicago, Seattle, and […]

Have you ever seen a treadmill rap battle? If you haven’t, here’s your chance. On an episode of The Eric Andre Show, rappers Action Bronson and Killer Mike engaged in the world’s first treadmill rap battle, which is quite comical. Take a peep at the short clip above. [Gawker] It was a big night at Usher‘s “UR Experience” L.A. […]

Louisiana stand up. Kevin Gates and August Alsina come together on a track titled after Kevin Gates’ favorite mantra “I Don’t Get Tired.” “Don’t play with the hustle, you eat or you starve, don’t need to pretend, just be who you are,” sings August. Kevin quickly follows up, “get it, get fly/I got six jobs, […]

August Alsina had a scary moment when he collapsed on stage and slipped into a three-day coma a few months ago. Thankfully, the singer has made a speedy recovery, gone back to performing, and even released a new music video. The “Testimony” artist hit up Power 105’s The Breakfast Club radio show, and opened up about how the health scare all […]

August dropped this video for the “hell of it.” Over the past few months, August Alsina has battled exhaustion resulting in a serious three-day coma, but he’s back and healthier than ever. Just days before Halloween, August releases a semi-spooky music video for his latest offering “Grindin’.” On the Knucklehead-produced track, August recalls everything he’s overcome and accomplished […]

Ladies, worry no more! August Alsina has been recovering from  his 3-day coma, which occurred after he collapsed in NYC during his Testimony Live tour. Now, he’s finally back. The “No Love” singer recently hit the stage for the first time since his hospitalization. He did a full set at the Bowie State University Homecoming Concert earlier […]