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Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, and August Alsina have the entire world talking after August Alsina dropped the bomb that he was in a relationship with Jada and had Will’s blessing. Rumors that the Smiths enjoy an open relationship, of sorts, have been circulating for years — and a heartbroken August blatantly called Jada out on his song “Nunya” that one time — but still, fans are completely thrown by this new information.

During a sit down, famed radio personality Angela Yee asked August:

“So what was the real situation with Jada Pinkett-Smith because I don’t know if you were pursuing her or if you guys had just a close family type relationship and I would love for you to shed light on that.”

He responded, in part:

“I love those people. Literally, like my family. I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. They are beautiful people. When something starts affecting my life, and not only affecting my life but affecting my wellness, my well-being and also starts to block my heart. My heart space is blocked. I don’t really have a choice but to express my truth.” “I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation,” he went on. “Due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership, that they’ve spoken on several times and it not involving romanticism, he gave me his blessing. I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life and I truly and really, really deeply loved and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it.”

See the interview here.

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Jada and Will have gone on record to say they are not swingers (or scientologists, for that matter). But when Willow became curious about polyamory, Jada noted that although threesomes weren’t her thing in the past, they could be if she were actually in love with two people. Jada has also said in the past that there were no infidelities in her marriage to Will, but cited other “betrayals of the heart” she considered harder to deal with.

If you’re a fan of Red Table Talk, you know Jada and Will dove deep into their relationship a couple years ago. Get into both parts of the conversation below. Reps for Jada reportedly tell Page Six August’s claims are “absolutely not true.”

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