California based artist Andrew Myers has the focus and skill of a modern day Michelangelo creating works of art that may seem to take forever to create.  In this microwave generation, we all want fast and most times we get it but sacrifice the q

Mitsubishi has announced the addition of a massive 92-inch model to its 2011 line up of theater-sized 3D Home Cinema TVs. The 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV is packed with a comprehensive list of features including: Fully integrated 3D TV with built-in

Jackass 3D the movie was released in theaters today. The movie, produced by Paramount Pictures and MTV Films, is the 3rd of the Jackass series, and will be released with D-BOX motion code in select theaters. It also marks the series’ 10th year anniversary. In honor of their 10th year anniversary, we at GlobalGrind have […]


Grab your 3D glasses, you’ll need them for the new Jeremih video. The singer released the special effects video for his second single Down On Me featuring 50 Cent off of his new album, All About You. The album hit stores and iTunes today. The regular version of the video will be released later on […]


Hip Hop Weekly has been making a name for itself ever since its first appearance on the newsstands in 2006. Being touted as the number one celebrity newsweekly covering TV, music, fashion, sports and celebrity news in the hip hop community, Hip Hop Weekly has reached their milestone 100th issue and its in 3D!!!! Dave […]

Who needs the Academy to tell us what is a good movie and what is not? Some films don’t need to be critically acclaimed to be loved. Take the third installment of the Step Up series, this time in 3D. Those who have seen the first two know what Step Up is all about. And […]


Trendsetters lead.  They turn heads not because they look recognizable but they have a bounce in their walk that oozes vibes of coolness onto the concrete runways of the city.  Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj are all worthy of being enthroned as the President of Outrageous on TV but we’ve got the sugary lowdown […]


    Now we can enter the world of Zelda and Mariokart through an 8oz. palm-sized pocketbook, minus the geeky four-eyed look thanks to Nintendo 3D.  Get the grease off your fingers because the new Nintendo is equipped with a touchscreen to go along with the LCD display on top.  The touchscreen operates with a […]

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