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Now we can enter the world of Zelda and Mariokart through an 8oz. palm-sized pocketbook, minus the geeky four-eyed look thanks to Nintendo 3D.  Get the grease off your fingers because the new Nintendo is equipped with a touchscreen to go along with the LCD display on top.  The touchscreen operates with a new ‘slide pad’ that allows analog input from all angles which can control the depth of the 3D effects. This mini iPad on steroids will deliver images split in half for each eye for the magical production of 3D objects in 800×240 resolution.  


Along with the 3D capabilities the Nintendo 3D has three cameras and complete with wireless capabilities of 2.4 GHz band which is the same operating speed as the iPhone 4.  Nintendo 3D will take gaming obsession to a whole new level through its revolutionary compact yet fertile design and technology capabilities, check it out!

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