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Hip Hop Weekly has been making a name for itself ever since its first appearance on the newsstands in 2006. Being touted as the number one celebrity newsweekly covering TV, music, fashion, sports and celebrity news in the hip hop community, Hip Hop Weekly has reached their milestone 100th issue and its in 3D!!!!

Dave Mays and partner Ray Benzino, the duo behind the creation of The Source magazine which is known to be the first urban/hip hop magazine, have used forward thinking and innovation to create the success that is Hip Hop Weekly.

“We realized that there was an opportunity to create that type of [weekly] magazine for the hip hop culture and the hip hop generation and we sort of broadened even more than what US Weekly and those magazines do” said Mays. “Hip Hop Weekly is like the next generation, its breaking the mold. The mold that has worked for most magazine the past 10-20 years is broken and you cant do a successful magazine the same way anymore and that’s sort of what we learned when we left The Source.” 


Mays credits partner Benzino and Design Director Wor Whosane for coming up with the all 3D issue. Practically every page of the issue features 3D photography and of course readers are supplied with a complimentary set of 3D glasses.

The 100th issue also includes exclusive interviews with Llyod Banks, Big Meech’s mother Lucille Flenory, the Simmons family, and the stars of the hit movie Takers. Of the 100th issues Mays says, “it’s a great issue, we just really tried to make a great example of what hip hop weekly is all about for people and make it 3D…it’s an action packed issue”

Publishing has been a tough business to be in these past few years but Hip Hop Weekly has managed to keep the ball rolling. Of the past four years Mays says “I’m just really proud as we’ve evolved and become a better magazine quality wise, more exclusive information, really great reporting. What Hip Hop Weekly is beginning to serve in the community is its like a stabilizing force. its a credible place in an age where we are overwhelmed with rumors and innuendos and false information because of the Internet and digital media.”


The future seems bright for this weekly guilty pleasure and it seems like the crew of Hip Hop Weekly has a lot of things lined up for the future. For starters they plan to continue more exclusive interviews and breaking news along with their special edition issues, such as last weeks Fallen Legends issues where they featured exclusive interviews with the friends and loved ones of some of hip hop biggest departed stars and the 9 Hottest Hip Hop Cities issue.

Mays says they are continuously evolving “the next phase beyond the magazine is really going to be the brand and returning to some of the things we had a lot of success with years ago with the source brand as far as television programs award shows merchandising and other media like that so thats a big part of the next three or four years.”

The 100th Issue of Hip Hop Weekly Is On The Stands Now GET YOUR 3D COPY!

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