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Who needs the Academy to tell us what is a good movie and what is not? Some films don’t need to be critically acclaimed to be loved. Take the third installment of the Step Up series, this time in 3D. Those who have seen the first two know what Step Up is all about. And those who haven’t, we can summarize in a couple of sentences.

Troubled kids who are talented dancers are looking for a new opportunity for themselves through dance. As they try to get from out of there surroundings, they must battle opposing dance crews who don’t want to see our heroes be successful.

Each and every scene is nothing more than a setup for the next dance move, thus it’s plainly obvious the film’s prime objective is to give audiences a spectactle of fun. And that’s exactly what Step Up 3D is about. Fun, dancing, fun, and more dancing. There are no dramatic acting performances, but there are plenty of eye-popping dance moves on display, and with the 3D special effects, fans and even non-fans can guarantee they’ll have a good time. It may not be as dramatic and serious as Avatar, but Step Up 3D might be way more fun.

Check out the trailer for Step Up 3D, which hits theaters today. Then, watch more trailers of movies we can only describe as the best bad movies.

Step Up 3D



Roger Ebert’s three-part review of Halle Berry’s post-Oscar flop sums it up perfectly:

‘There are three good things about this movie: Halle Berry’s face, Halle Berry’s body, and Halle Berry’s costume.’


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Cameron Diaz and James Marsden

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