Blogxilla talks about one of the scariest movies of 2013: The Conjuring! Based on true events involving the Perron family in Rhode Island, the film follows the story of a demon that has attached itself onto a family, and it’s up to a paranormal couple to help them rid of it. The problem: the demon […]

The highly anticipated cop comedy R.I.P.D. is in theaters now and GlobalGrind got the exclusive interview with the woman who plays R.I.P.D.’s proctor, Mary-Louise Parker. The drug dealing mom from Weeds tells us how she got involved with the film, goes into detail about what she loved about taking on this part and character, and talked […]

When I woke up this morning I did what I always do: Turn on Sportscenter for ten minutes, then turn to Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I’ve done that every weekday since the news network removed Don Imus from their morning rotation. This morning, Joe Scarborough and the gang were talking about Rolling Stone magazine’s decision […]

Word on the street is there’s a breakout star on Wild N’ Out this season. Battle rapper Conceited is one of the new faces on the popular improv show. Hailing from New York, Conceited was handpicked for the show after Nick Cannon viewed his battle videos. GlobalGrind’s own Blogxilla sat down with the battle rapper in the No Judgement […]

The Conjuring opens on Friday and I can easily say it’s the scariest movie I’ve seen in about a decade! I haven’t been this scared in a movie theater since The Ring in 2002. I found myself jumping and screaming – and that’s not something I ever do in movies.  The movie was so good […]

The Conjuring is the scariest movie I’ve seen in a decade. Earlier this year I got the chance to partake in the “Conjuring Experience” when Warner Bros Studio gave me the opportunity to meet Lorraine Warren [whom I’ll explain later,] see her house and even go face-to-face with the real artifacts from the movie.  At […]

It’s that time again. Time for another segment of BlogXilla’s No Judgement Zone. On this week’s show, Xilla sits down with Elijah Blake and breaks down relationships, women’s emotions, his debut album, male emotions, and much much more. This is the guy who wrote “Climax” for Usher along with many other top-hits. If you don’t know […]

It’s that time again. Time for another segment of BlogXilla’s No Judgement Zone. On this week’s show, Xilla breaks down the top 5 player-haters in movie history. These are the guys and gals who hate on their friends, cock block and do all sorts of things for their own advancement. Check it out, this is […]

The Purge racked up at the box office this weekend.  The horror flick pulled in $34 million dollars, knocking Fast 6 off from the top spot and becoming the most talked about film of the week. The beauty of it all is that The Purge only cost $3 million to make, winning it the title […]

If any family is a bigger media darling than the Kardashians, it would be the Jacksons. This morning while heading into the office, I saw the cover of the New York Post. It read “The Jackson Curse,” with a picture of Paris Jackson on the cover. I immediately thought, “I hope none of the Jacksons […]

You’ve officially entered BlogXilla’s No Judgement Zone. The place where GlobalGrind’s Sr. Entertainment Editor offers his judgement free opinion on a particular topic.  This week haters, “E-Thugs,” and “Telephone Tough Guys” enter into the No Judgment Zone as Xilla goes in on people who sit behind computer screens and bash everyone trying to make it big […]

Charles Ramsey, the man who saved Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus from ten years of captivity in someone’s basement, reminds me of my own family.  My cousins and uncles are all a little rough around the edges, they all might have a vice or two, they all love McDonalds…but they are all good people. People […]