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Samuel L Jackson is a bad mother… I know, that’s a different movie. Still, when I sat down with him and Jake Gyllenhaal for their new film Spider-Man Far From Home he wasn’t with my games at first although he eventually came around and gave us a couple of “Spoilers Without Context.” In Spider-Man Far From Home we get to see Nick Fury attempt to bring Peter Parker from a neighborhood friendly Spider-Man to essentially the next Iron Man. A big deal considering that Peter just wants to go on his school trip and tell the girl he loves that he loves her like a fat kid love cake.

Sam admits that when people see this movie that will likely say they didn’t know Nick Fury was such a grumpy old man, “I never knew Nick Fury was such a grumpy old man. Grow up, Kid! ‘We need you.’ Tony Starks told me this kid was the goods I get there, dude’s ghosting me. I’m talking to him and he’s talking to me about hanging out with his friends on this trip. No dude you can’t be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, we need you to be somebody so grow up cat.”

We also get to hear from Jake Gyllenhaal who was defending Nick Fury’s actions even though Spider-Man wanted some time off. The interview is funny, informative and even better after you watch the film so be sure to check back after Spider-Man Far From Home hits  theaters everywhere tomorrow, July 2nd, 2019. Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine.