When I heard the story that London’s very own Prince Harry was busted totally nude partying with a few hotties out in Vegas, I thought it was hilarious. DETAILS: Ryan Lochte He Didn’t Party With Prince Harry In Vegas However, my friend London native La La Daly didn’t find it as humorous. London residents are […]

Ryan Lochte has been one of the star sensations of the 2012 London Olympics since he won his first gold medal this weekend, but he’s also stirred up some controversy. PHOTOS: Vogue Gets In The Olympic Spirit With Record Breaking Cover The 27-year-old showed up to the ceremonies to receive his gold medal, and he wore an […]

What do you consider a double standard when it comes men and women? Could it be how men are looked at with respect for being with a lot of women, and women are looked down upon for being with a lot of men? VIDEO: Friends With Benefits & How Social Media Has Changed Dating GlobalGrind’s BlogXilla […]

Blog mogul and GlobalGrind’s own BlogXilla sat down with Ruben Studdard, Sinnamon Love, and Yancey to discuss the loaded topic of friends with benefits. The friendly roundtable delved into the likes of Facebook relationship statuses and the requesting of a Twitter password from one’s significant other. Listen in on Sinnamon Love, Yancey and Ruben Studdard as they […]

Last night 13-year-old Rachel Crow got voted off of X-Factor. The elimination was heartbreaking as Rachel collapsed to the ground in a sea of wails, screams and sobs. This caused me to shed a few tears. After the show went off the air I felt extremely upset with myself. Upset because I love Nicole Scherzinger, […]

This is anti-Mariah Yeater. Death of the paternity suit. This ain’t for the Maury Show with that stupid blonde. Alright that was a bit mean, but this post is for the D.O.M.Y.: Downfall Of Mariah Yeater.  EXCLUSIVE BLOG: Come On! Is Lindsay Lohan Really Worth A Million Bucks? I would like to take this time […]