The spacious brick walls of the Eyebeam Art + Technology were a far cry from the recently blacked-out tents of Lincoln Center, but they served as the ideal location for the showing of Mark McNairy’s Fall Winter 2014 Collection. McNairy’s skills picked up as creative director for the Ivy League-inspired clothing company J. Press, were on […]

He made pink on men happen, so maybe, just maybe, he will make capes a thing. For his past few appearances, Harlem rapper Cam’ron has been spotted wearing an array of custom-designed capes (or cloaks, if you want to get into semantics). At first we thought Cam’ron was just into a cape phase of his […]

When it’s all said and done, Cam’ron Giles (aka Killa Cam, aka King Jaffe Joe, aka Flea, aka Spacely Sprockets, aka KFC) will go down in the hip-hop hall of fame for his music — everything he touched from S.D.E. to Purple Haze is a masterpiece, B — and his fashion. Son has basically been relevant in rap in three different decades now. The rapper finished 2013 strongly by […]

If you head to Rotten Tomatoes and check out I’m In Love With A Church Girl, you’ll see the movie has a positive rating of zero percent, meaning that not one movie critic thought the film was worthy of watching. That’s pretty fucking amazing. The movie stars Adrienne Bailon, Ja Rule and a bunch of other actors […]

Two years ago, Cam’ron fully embraced the Internet life and joined Instagram. Within the first couple of weeks, Cam’ron posted pictures of a beautiful mystery woman: we would soon learn that she was JuJu, Killa’s main squeeze. Actually, let’s not call her his main squeeze. JuJu is a little more than that. That’s Cam’ron’s fiancé. Last year, […]

One of the more interesting rap beefs of the last decade came in 2006, when Cam’ron and Jay Z traded shots with one another. That was some time ago, and people have moved on. But is there still some animosity out there? Uhh, maybe? On Drake’s “Pound Cake,” Jay Z raps: “I’ve done made more millionaires than the lotto […]

Jay Z proclaimed his philanthropic millionaire making work on Drake’s “Pound Cake” and Cam’ron wasn’t all the way happy his name was in the mogul’s verse. For a quick recap, Hov first rapped: “I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did/Dame made millions//Biggs [Burke] made million/Kanye made millions, Just made millions/Lyor made millions/Cam made […]

Cam’ron’s latest mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, was supposed to drop on July 4th. Then things happened. For example: Jay Z dropped an album. So Cam pushed his tape back. Three months later, our boy Killa finally released his latest opus. Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 is 19-tracks of straight crackness and slick talk. Appearing on the tape […]

It’s Killa Cam. Harlem rapper Cam’ron fires back at his former labelmate Jay Z on his latest offering “Come And Talk To Me.” Cam’ron sampled ’90s R&B group Jodeci’s smash hit “Come And Talk To Me” for his Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 project. Back in September, Jay Z stirred the pot during his guest feature on […]

Drake is so Drake on Nothing Was the Same, the new album from the Young Money rapper. This statement means he’s emotional and, more importantly, honest. On the new album, Drake has a song called “From Time.” On the track he talks about a girl named Courtney: “The one that I needed was Courtney from Hooters on […]

It looks like it’s Killa season once again! Cam’Ron has been a little M.I.A. from the music scene lately, but he’s coming back strong with a new track called “Golden Friends”. Doing what he does best on his songs, the Dipset member takes a sample from the old school hit “Thank You For Being A […]