Public transportation, bus drivers and agitated passengers are clearly not a great combination. And in bus brawling news, a Detroit Department Of Transportation (DDOT) driver and passenger started throwing bows and the whole thing was caught on tape. According to the Huffington Post: WJBK-TV first posted the video, which they say was shot by passengers recently on […]

Money, crime and a crumbling infrastructure aren’t the only things the city of Detroit has to worry about. Packs of wild, abandoned dogs are now taking over the city, leaving officials worried about how to handle the problem, which presents both animal rights and safety concerns. It is being reported that roughly 50,000 are without […]

Almost two weeks ago, Detroit filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. The city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, immediately called for “significant” cuts to the pension funds of current retirees who had worked for the city. The pension shortfall accounts for $3.5 billion of the city’s $18 billion debt. It was one of […]

Once upon a time, Detroit was a mighty industrial giant, manufacturing cars for the entire world. By the 1950s, the Motor City had lured in 1.8 million people with plenty of good paying manufacturing jobs. This once fourth largest U.S. city birthed America’s middle class. At a recent concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills, […]

It really is so cold in the “D.” The city of Detroit, which has had its share of economic and crime problems, has officially filed for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy. The city has now become the largest in U.S. to file for bankruptcy protection. More details to come. SOURCE: ClickOnItDetroit

New video taken by a film crew for the reality show The First 48 captured the moment when a Detroit police officer shot and killed 7-year-old Aiyana Jones. The disturbing video was shown in the court room earlier this week during the trial of officer Joseph Weekley, who is being tried for involuntary manslaughter in the […]

If you ever thought you lived in a rough neighborhood, you might want to think again. The list for the country’s 25 most dangerous neighborhoods has just been released, and apparently and the top three are all in Detroit alone. According to, the high unemployment, crime rate, and financial crisis puts Detroit at the […]

Rainbow PUSH Detroit Chapter/State Coordinator, Pastor D. Alexander Bullock of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church is taking on the fight against voter suppression through “voter education and activation.” VIDEO: He’s Innocent & Not A Racist! Zimmerman’s Mother Defends Her Son  Bullock spoke exclusively to GlobalGrind about the significance of this year’s election for the nation […]

You don’t hear about fashion designers collaborating with car companies very often, however John Varvatos got a head start on his collaborative effort with Chryster. The 2013 Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition and Luxury Edition will hit showrooms in the first quarter of 2013, with the Luxury version coming later this year. Pricing will be announced […]

This past Sunday, the Detroit NAACP honored Kid Rock with the Great Expectations Award at their annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner for his charitable contributions to the city of Detroit. Michigan-native Kid Rock has been known to use the highly-controversial Confederate flag at his performances, an act which has ticked off people who consider […]

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi might be facing the same fate as Hosni Mubarak. Libya’s uprising was boiling and now it has erupted. The Libyan unrest is spreading to the capital Tripoli after protesters were killed in the second city Benghazi. Qaddafi is attempting to stop protests with a violent crackdown, triggering some of the worst […]