Looks like Donald Sterling‘s racism is even too much for estranged wife Shelly to handle. Sterling, who was given a lifetime ban from the NBA after racist recordings were released, says that he and Shelly are in the process of divorcing. The news comes just days after Sterling’s shocking CNN interview where he bashed NBA […]

A day after disgraced LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling appeared on CNN slamming Magic Johnson, the NBA legend has responded, saying that he feels sorry for the 80-year-old man. In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Johnson, who said he is still waiting for an apology from Sterling, had this to say about the billionaire who is now banned […]

Keith Crisco, the man running against former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken for the Democratic nomination in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District, passed away on Monday. Crisco, 71, suffered a fall down the stairs while preparing to leave his home, his campaign spokesperson said. His family released this statement: “We are heartbroken to share the news that Keith has passed […]

If you watched Donald Sterling’s full interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday night, you’re probably still trying to lift your jaw up off the floor like we are. The disgraced owner of the LA Clippers finally broke his silence in an interview turned tearful mea culpa that pointed the finger at everyone else and managed to offend […]

Donald Sterling has apologized for his racist comments…sorta. The LA Clippers owner sat down with Anderson Cooper for his “first and only interview” about his racist comments, his estranged wife, and alleged girlfriend V. Stiviano. According to Gawker, Sterling is putting the blame on Stiviano and still claims that he isn’t a racist. “When I listen […]

Following Donald Sterling‘s ban from the NBA, the basketball association has made a bold move and tapped Dick Parsons as the team’s new CEO. The former head of Time Warner and Citigroup is currently standing in as the interim CEO of the franchise, to which Adam Silver commented, “I believe the hiring of Dick Parsons will bring […]

Less than two weeks after audio was released of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racist comments, another recording has hit the internet. But this time he’s singing a different tune. A man identified as Sterling, who was banned from the NBA for life following the hate-laced audio leaked by rumored girlfriend V. Stiviano, can be heard […]

V. Stiviano is now at the center of an alleged extortion operation against Donald Sterling. According to the Huffington Post, the 31-year-old has over a hundred hours of audio featuring herself and the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner and is willing to keep them away from the public for the right price. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s […]

Despite telling reporters last week that her husband is not a racist, Rochelle (Shelly) Sterling fully supports the NBA’s decision to force her husband, Donald Sterling, out of the Los Angeles Clippers. NBA Spokesman Mike Bass announced Saturday that the league will begin to search for a new owner for the team after racist recordings […]

Oh goodness, Saturday Night Live, you’ve done it again! Anytime something controversial happens in the media, we can always expect it turn into SNL’s next skit, and Donald Sterling‘s lifetime ban from the NBA is no different. Last night, the sketch comedy show mocked NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s press conference, where it was announced that the L.A. Clippers owner […]

V. Stiviano has been keeping a low profile ever since the audio of her conversation with Donald Sterling leaked. As we all know, he made some extremely racist comments about black people, minorities in general, and her bringing them to his NBA games. Her silence has officially ended, however. The girlfriend of the LA Clippers owner finally […]

If you thought you were going to get an apology out of the L.A. Clippers owner, guess again.