Election Day is finally here and the results have made their way in! We kept track of the state-by-state results. Here’s what went down: ELECTORAL VOTES (270 to win) OBAMA: 280  ROMNEY: 201 STATES (projected winner): Virginia: Obama Colorado: Obama Nevada: Obama Ohio: Obama Oregon: Obama Indiana: Romney Kentucky: Romney Vermont: Obama West Virginia: Romney […]

Some people in the Romney camp have criticized Gov. Chris Christie for all the nonpartisan praise he’s been giving President Obama regarding his handling of the Hurricane Sandy tragedy. STORY: The Last Run! Hov & Springsteen Join Obama’s Final Campaign Run  Since the superstorm ravaged the Eastern Coast, the New Jersey Governor and President Obama have […]

Since 2000, Florida has become infamous for voting suspicion and corruption. Now the Sunshine State is back in the national spotlight for voter suppression. LIST: It Just Got Easier! The 10 Best Online Tools for Millennial Voters  Long voting lines and ill-equipped voting cites have caused chaos in Florida, while Gov. Rick Scott, a former […]

It’s funny how time flies when you’re having fun or voting.  LIST: SWEET NOVEMBER! 10 Songs About November Today marks a very important day in America. Millions of Americans will line up at their local polling place to cast their ballots for President of the United States. Voters will have to decide between our current […]

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, recent polls indicate that President Obama and Mitt Romney are closely tied and this is still anybody’s race. LIST: It Just Got Easier! The 10 Best Online Tools for Millennial Voters  A new poll from CNN/ORC International, shows that voters are evenly split between the leading presidential […]

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that America has one of the most anti-democratic voting systems in the world. STORY: We Vote, We Win! #TeamObama by Michael Skolnik The long lines, the registration process and the fact that Election Day is in the middle of the week make voting a tedious task for many […]

I sat alone in a small hotel room in Ottawa, Canada. It was brutally cold outside. I was alone. Traveling. Directing a movie. That’s what I did in my previous life. Before Russell. Before GlobalGrind. I made a whole bunch of movies. I sat on my bed with my computer next to me, glued to […]

Following Hurricane Sandy, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he will sign an executive order allowing displaced New Yorkers to vote in any polling place. The Gov. announced that registered voters in Rockland and Westchester County, along with Long Island residents, can vote in tomorrow’s election by affidavit ballot anywhere in New York State. As reported by NBC News: […]

For the last 18 months, President Obama has been hot on the campaign trial, making his pitch to the American people why he should be elected for another four years in the Oval Office. VIDEO: He Ain’t Politickin’! Gov. Christie Defends His Obama Praise  Throughout this long ride, Obama has toured the country, held all star […]

Hurricane Sandy has made lives around the NYC/NJ area a lot more difficult, so many citizens don’t even have time to think about heading to the polls to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. It turns out NJ Governor Chris Christie has much sympathy for his citizens, being that he announced yesterday that they will […]

We’re only few days away from Election Day on November 6th, the day that will determine the fate of our country over the next four years. It’s your right to vote and you don’t want to miss out on such an impactful event. STORY: Vote Or Die! Sandy Can’t Hold Us Back On November 6th!  To […]

With only four days left until the 2012 Election, the First Lady is hot on the campaign trail! STORY: Race Politics: How Race Will Determine The 2012 Election  Michelle Obama is scheduled to make an appearance at the Virginia State University’s campus today to rally supporters and make a last minute attempt to sway undecided voters in […]