Well, it really is about that time to pull out all the stops.  Last week we saw a PSA that was the work of Sarah Sophie Flicker, filmmaker and HelloGiggles blogger, who collected a group of ladies to lip-synch along to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” to produce a message loud and clear to Mitt Romney.  STORY: A Plethora […]

With just a week left until the presidential elections, every single minute of campaigning counts and is accounted for, but what was not accounted for was the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  STORY: Frankenstorm! Hurricane Sandy Kills 22 In The Caribbean If what the weather reporters are calling “The Frakenstorm” does anywhere near as much damage as […]

Race has been an issue in America since we can remember and now a poll by the Associated Press shows not much has imporved since President Obama, the first black president has been elected and a majority may have prejudice feelings that they do not recognize. VIDEO: Obama Votes Early & Made History! The Associate […]

Two women in Buffalo, NY recently rented cars from a Thrifty rental car place recently found ‘Vote For The American’ bumper stickers on their car. According to the Huffington Post, the women were told by employees that the stickers were put on the car from the franchise owner. VIDEO: Obama Jokes! My Rivalry With Trump Started […]

We’re now days away from Election Day, a the day that will decide the fate of the country for the next four years.   STORY: Obama Says He’s Confident About A Second Term & Calls Romney A “Bullsh—er” In Rolling Stone  In the build up to the November election, we’ve seen a vicious attack on […]

In a sit down interview with Rolling Stone, President Obama detailed his plans for a second term in office, shared his thoughts on Mitt Romney and talked about the campaign with writer and acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley.   STORY: Obama Says Kids Know Mitt Romney Is A “Bullsh—er!” The interview, which took place earlier this month at the […]

In order to push for registered voters to cast early votes, President Obama became the first sitting President to vote early today! STORY: President Obama: If I Win It’s Because Romney Has “Alienated” Latinos  The POTUS traveled back to his hometown of Chicago to turn in his ballot near his South Side home, where he was surrounded […]

This is one big bombshell. According to TMZ, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is involved in a bitter divorce case between one of his biggest supporters, the co-founder of Staples Tom Stemberg, and his first wife Maureen. STORY: Nah Man! Pro-Romney Company Buys Voting Machines!  TMZ says that Romney gave a deposition and testified during the trial of […]

There are growing concerns surrounding the fact that a pro-Romney firm, who purchased voting machines that will be distributed across the nation, may literally be trying to steal the presidential election! STORY: Hmmm…Trump’s BIG Announcement: Michelle & Barack Obama’s Divorce Papers? Critics of the partisan firm H.I.G. Capital are skeptical about its recent purchase of Hart […]

Earlier today, TMZ revealed that GOP nominee Mitt Romney lied under oath in order to protect his friend Tom Stemberg, the co-founder of Staples, in his messy divorce against his first wife Maureen. As a result, Maureen claims she struggled financially and lost her home. STORY: Mitt Lied Under Oath Of course, this comes as […]

Here is a shocking secret: Real people wear clothing more than once, and last night, Michelle Obama spoke volumes when she stepped out in a grey Thom Browne dress with black lace overlay.  The dress instantly looked familiar as she entered the stage to greet her hubby, and that’s because it’s the same one she donned […]

Finally! A political PSA that’s freaking awesome and speaks to the ones who matter most this election: The Women.  Sarah Sophie Flicker, filmmaker and HelloGiggles blogger, collected a group of ladies to lip-synch along to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me.” The song was first performed by Lesley (who makes memorable cameos in the video) in 1964 when […]