Despite the fact that Mitt Romney choked up and backed out of his scheduled appearance on ABC’s The View, his wife Ann Romney and their son Josh still made an appearance on the daytime talk show today. PHOTOS: Sasha & Malia Obama’s School Evacuated Over Unspecified Threat  Though Josh Romney sat in the audience, Barbara Walters […]

Remember the sensation that the “Obama Girl” caused in the social media world back in 2008? VIDEO: Round Two! Obama & Romney Face Off At The Second Presidential Debate Well, this time around the “Paul Ryan Girl” is proving that she too has the same effect!  Meredith Walker stars in a popular parody video that dotes […]

We’re less than three weeks away from Election Day and the presidential debate is heating up!  STORY: Economic Inequality MUST Be Part Of The Debate Check out this live, in depth discussion on hip-hop’s role in the upcoming election presented by Rap Session titled, “Hip Hop Activism in the Obama And Tea Party Era” featuring Maya Rockeymoore, […]

During last night’s debate at Hofstra University between President Obama and Governor Romney, we witnessed both candidates go at one another fiercely. BLOG: Economic Inequality MUST Be Part Of The Debate By Russell Simmons For Obama, being assertive was essentially mandatory, considering his own party complained about how he lacked confidence in the first debate. Romney […]

The Hofstra community is pumped up about tonight’s presidential debate! STORY: It’s Going Down! Barack & Romney Face Off For Round Two Tonight!  Debate fever has been in the air at the Long Island University for awhile, as renowned political figures Cornel West, Robert Gibbs, Karl Rove and Jeb Bush have all delivered free recent on-campus speeches en route to the […]

Students from the Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem, NY are sending a friendly and extremely adorable reminder to registered voters in the upcoming election.  VIDEO: Really? Former DEA Chief Refuses To Reject Claims Of Obama Taking “Laundered Drug Money”   Singing over the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop hit “Call Me Maybe,” the fourth graders recite lyrics […]

Last night, like the rest of the American people who care about the fate of their country, I tuned into the Vice Presidential debate. I snuggled in, listened to the Vice President and Congressman talk about everything from foreign policy to Libya, noted Biden’s chuckles of glee when Paul Ryan made statements while holes bigger […]

G.O.O.D. Music rapper 2 Chainz is educating ex-cons on their right to vote and how to let their voices be heard in the upcoming election.   STORY: Stacey Dash & Other Surprising Political Endorsements!  In an interview with Fuse, the “No Lie” artist talked about his involvement with the Respect My Vote campaign and explained how […]

Flip-floppin’ Mitt is back at it again, this time on the issue of abortion! STORY: Silence The Bullets In Chicago by Michael Skolnik When Mitt Romney ran for Governor in Massachusetts, he proudly stood up for a woman’s right to choose and presented himself as pro-choice candidate.  Fast-forward a few years later, and now the Republican […]

Election Day is almost here, and that means political campaigning is in full swing across the nation, the First Lady is slipping on her sleekest of dresses, and that it’s your turn to show a little country pride. VIDEO: White Rapper Wannabe Pauly Shore Raps About Obama Instead of puncturing your shirt with a tired campaign […]

VP Republican nominee Paul Ryan is pumping some mayor iron in this week’s issue of TIME Magazine! STORY: Flip-Floppin’ Romney Defends His Anti-Abortion Stance TIME shows the Wisconsin congressman and fitness buff using the best selling P90X workout plan. TIME reports that Ryan is an advocate for health, and that both Ryan’s father and grandfather died from heart […]

President Obama is well aware that he was not at his best during the first presidential debate in Denver, and he even made a joke poking fun at his lackluster performance.   VIDEO: ZING! Bubba Bashes Romney! However, Obama is now reassuring Democrats that “we will see a little more activity at the next one,” and he […]