Election 2012

While speaking at a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles on Sunday, President Obama joked about his performance at the first presidential debate last week, which both critics and supporters agree was dry and lacked luster. STORY: SMH! Mitt Romney Actually Helped PBS Funding When He Was A Governor  Speaking to an audience that included Hollywood […]

After the first presidential debate last week, it was only right for Saturday Night Live (SNL) to poke fun at President Obama’s lackluster performance, Governor Romney’s infamous attack on Big Bird and allow Big Bird, himself, to react to Romney’s threat during a special surprise visit.  STORY: Teamwork! Obama And Democrats Raise Record Funds! The […]

An Ohio federal appeals court has ruled against a Republican-backed law that would have infringed upon the state’s early voting system.  The Obama campaign touts this ruling as a legal victory being that early voting is what helped President Obama win the state in 2008. In the case, Republicans claimed that only Ohioan military personnel […]

It seems as if Mitt Romney’s aggressive approach and fabricated truths have helped him claim a victory over President Obama at the first presidential debate, as well as gain new ground in the polls.   PHOTOS: Muppets Fight Back! Sesame Street Strikes Back At Mitt Romney  Reuters reports their new poll shows that Romney is now viewed positively […]

Last night, during an appearance on Fox News, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told Fox’s Sean Hannity that his infamous 47 percent comment “was just completely wrong.”     VIDEO: The Comeback Kid: Obama’s Back In The Game!  The Republican candidate caught a lot of heat back in September, when a secretly recorded video was published of him […]

During Wednesday’s presidential debate, Gov. Mitt Romney struck a cord when he threatened to fire Sesame Street‘s most lovable oversized bird, Big Bird, in order to reduce federal spending.   Word To Big Bird! PBS CEO Strikes Back At Mitt’s Threat On Big Bird  Romney told PBS News Hour Host Jim Lehrer that though he […]

Actress/activist Rosario Dawson sat down on Current TV’s The Gavin Newsom Show to talk about her organization VotoLatino and the “savviness” of the often misunderstood Latino voter at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York. VIDEO: Mitt The Cheat? Did He Have Secret Notes During The Debate?  Founded in 2004, VotoLatino is a grassroots organization that empowers American […]

A video of Mitt Romney casually pulling something out of his pocket and placing it on his podium at the presidential debate on Wednesday is raising a few eyebrows.   STORY: Money Mitt Romney Gaining Ground In Polls After The Debate   Skeptics think Romney pulled out a cheat sheet before the start of the debate, […]

Today on NBC, Labor Secretary Hilda Solis was interrogated by NBC host Carl Quintanilla, who asked her three separate times if the September jobs report was manipulated in order to help President Obama win reelection.   STORY: Who Would Michelle Obama Cast To Play Barack In A Movie?  The report was released early Friday and revealed that […]

The best one-liner from the first presidential debate last night came from Governor Mitt Romney, when he indicated that he would fire Big Bird in order to cut federal spending! While speaking at the University of Denver, Romney told the debate moderator, PBS News Hour Host Jim Lehrer, that although he likes PBS and Big […]

Last night at the presidential debate, Gov. Mitt Romney threatened to fry Sesame Street’s most lovable bird – for good!   VIDEO: The Comeback Kid: Obama’s Back In The Game! While speaking at the University of Denver, Romney told PBS host Jim Lehrer that if he becomes president, he will cut federal funding from PBS […]

Last night, the popular kitchen appliance brand KitchenAid tweeted a crude joke making fun of the President’s deceased grandmother.   VIDEO: The Aftermath Of The Presidential Debate Round One During the presidential debates in Denver, President Obama praised his grandmother, who used government entitlements like social security in her journey towards upward mobility. She passed away […]