Election 2012

The 2012 presidential election is less than 40 days away! On November 6th, we decide the direction the country will move towards and who we want to lead us. But the only way you can partake in this decision is if you vote, and the only way you can vote is if you are registered. […]

Being the wife of the president is no easy task. Michelle Obama has experienced it, and now Ann Romney is preparing for the possibility of dealing with it. VIDEO: Ann Romney Lets Her Hair Down On “The Tonight Show” Mitt Romney’s wife recently did an interview with KTVN where she talks about some of her concerns […]

Some counties in Florida might be under fire, as a firm for the Republican party turned in suspicious voter registration forms. According to the LA Times, the firm has filed a fraud complaint with the state Division of Elections. LIST: Election Watch: The 411 On Swing States The site reports: The controversy in Florida — which […]

An amazing cast of stars came together for “The Enforcers,” a new PSA project from Voto Latino directed by actor Wilmer Valderrama. Really?! Paul Ryan Supporters Show Off Their Daughters Touting Guns The video focuses on the crucial need for Latinos to register and vote in the upcoming presidential election this November, all with a […]

Because of the new Voter ID Laws, we may have to wait longer than usual to find out who wins the 2012 presidential election.   STORY: We Must Be The First! Voting For The President Of The United States Begins Today! by Michael Skolnik For the most part, the election winner is determined a few hours […]

Things are looking sweet for President Barack Obama and his campaign! STORY: Yes We Can! Obama Widens His Lead In Three Key Swing States It was reported today by Quinnipiac University/CBS News/New York Times, that Barack Obama is leading against his Republican opponent Mitt Romney in the polls in major swing states Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. In […]

We are supporting #Ignite2012!  The national #Ignite2012 tour is in Pittsburgh today with a dynamic group of young bloggers, celebs, activists and influncers in the hip hop culture. Tune in for a live discussion about the 2012 presidential election and the criticial issues affecting us today at 3pm via @The League99’s live stream (click below) […]

Multiple reports indicate that Mitt Romney has narrowed down his short-list of potential vice presidential candidates to three. STORY: Domino’s Pizza, Staple’s, & Mitt Romney! Things To Know About Bain Capital Generally, the pick for VP shouldn’t weigh on a voter’s decision too heavily. But, with the recent passing of Obamacare, questions about Bain Capital, […]

Watch out Mr. President! STORY: Psycho Talk! Republican Writer Calls For “Armed Revolution” Against Obama A West Virginia inmate identified as Keith Judd is gaining a lot of publicity after it was revealed that he has 40 percent of the Democratic vote in West Virginia, compared to Obama’s 60 percent. According to the Associated Press, […]

There’s no question about it: President Barack Obama knows his hip-hop. Even though Obama has said that rap music nowadays perpetuates misogyny and degradation that he doesn’t want his daughters or children in general exposed to, the Commander-In-Chief can’t help being a fan of a select few that touch the mic. He has given mention to the […]

  Republican presidential hopeful frontrunner Mitt Romney has secured yet another election night. BLOG: Why The 2012 Election Cycle Sucks! Tonight Romney won all three state primaries in the states of Washington D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin, totaling 600 delegates, according to CNN. Romney’s main opponent is former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, who has 272 delegates. […]

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has secured yet another victory in Chicago’s state of Illinois, totaling his delegates to over 521, according to a CNN projection. STORY: Winning Out Of State! Mitt Romney Snatches Puerto Rico Primary This win comes as no major surprise especially when considering Romney outspent his major adversary, Rick Santorum, 21 […]