Social media users are setting up hypothetical text messages using their beloved emojis. Check out a thread of our favorites inside.

Drake announced that his long-awaited sixth studio album, Certified Lover Boy, will be released this Friday. The rapper made the statement with a photo featuring twelve pregnant women emojis on a solid white background. Both fans and artists react to the news on social media with their own theories. 

Google is taking inclusion seriously—so seriously, in fact, the tech company has removed the egg from their salad emoji to make vegans feel more welcome. Anyone else giggling just a little? As you can imagine, vegans feel right at home while the rest of the internet thinks vegans, and Google for that matter, are extra […]

It turns out we've had a lot of the symbols wrong all along.

This week, Unicode, the consortium that chooses new emojis across all platforms, announced the beta version of the 2018 emojis. The options are not final yet, but they should get the official stamp of approval in January 2018. Then, the finalized emojis should be unveiled during the first quarter of the year. They’ll hit phones […]

Twitter is using Animojis for everything but what they're intended for.

From basic smileys to animated celebrations, everyone has their favorite emoji. Entertainment journalist Xilla Valentine hit the legendary Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn to ask people which emoji best reflects their personality. We’d love to hear your answers to the Question of the Day so be sure to leave them in the comments section.

In a new KUWTK clip, Rob Kardashian defended Blac Chyna against his "disgusting" sisters.

The league MVP has released a line of Curry-themed emojis.


FLOTUS chimed in on the emoji conversation following feminine brand Always' ad campaign to encourage confidence in young women with their campaign "Like A Girl."