50 Cent was juicier than a jheri curl last night at the Aruba Film Festival. 50 Cent debuted his hair-do in style with a crispy new suit. 50’s jheri curl is really a s-curl, which isn’t necessarily a better hair choice. What’s beneficial to 50’s new schnazzy s-curl is that he now joins an all-star […]

Amber Rose has been taking part of all the different fashion weeks that have been going on over the past few weeks. Amber Rose was spotted taking in some more fashion at the Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week at Cour Carree du Louvre on October 6, 2010 in […]

One thing I’ve learned from watching cute celebrities with their legs open is that they eventually have to close their legs. The best part about this though is celebrities are sexy even with their legs closed. I scoured the internet and my photo database for a bunch of sexy celebrity leg closed pictures and all […]

Taylor Momsen was spotted walking down the street wearing her now signature short skirt and showing off her long legs. The 17 year old Gossip Girl has really been showing out lately, being seen smoking cigarette, cursing, rocking out with her band The Pretty Reckless and dissing pop sensation Rihanna. Now there are rumors flying […]

Jay-Z and Beyonce continue their world tour vacation, this time popping up in the lovely St. Tropez. Beyonce showed off her lovely legs to let the world know which diva has the best legs in the game. Lucky for us, sharing the beauty of her legs weren’t the only thing Beyonce was sharing. She told […]

Taylor Momsen has a potty mouth. The 17 year old Gossip Girl seems to have a bit of a problem with pop-star Rihanna. Taylor Momsen told Spin magazine ‘People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna‘s wearing f–kin’ leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.’  While we love Taylor Momsen like […]

Jessica Alba enjoyed a day away from baby Honor, and had a nice coffee date with a friend at Cafe Luxx. She dressed for the nice weather wearing a tank top and shorts. According to gossip central: Alba has been busy on the career front – having recently completed work on three upcoming movies including […]

Monique won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, last night at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Then she went backstage and she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her what to do. Monique totally took over the backstage interview area and got real.  According to the LA Times: When KTLA’s Sam Rubin asks her if […]

<p>Jamie Colby, whose real birth name is Jamie Nell Colby, was born in New York. Currently she is working as an anchor and news correspondent for FNC (Fox News</p>

<p>CUSTOMIZED BY KHALID STRICKLAND a.k.a. BLACK PACINO</p><p>Long before &ldquo;urban model&rdquo; magazines were all the rage, two other publications satisfied my sweet tooth for eye candy: Lowrider and Streetlow.&nbsp; As a fan of tricked-out whips and hot Latina babes, I never missed an issue.&nbsp; Now I&rsquo;ve got a bunch of &lsquo;em stacked higher than flapjacks on […]

<p>Okay, Mo’nique, kudos on the Golden Globe win for your part in "Precious" and all, but … you know you wrong, right? You know you messed up, right? You know you done messed up your chances for an Oscar, right? I mean, geez, when they said you played the part of a monster in "Precious" […]

<p>CORONATION BY KHALID STRICKLAND a.k.a. BLACK PACINO</p><p>During an online foray, I found pics of a random Asian model who shall remain nameless.&nbsp; She was solidly built and out of curiosity, I scrolled through the comments for a people&rsquo;s verdict.&nbsp; Most were the usual thirsty fare but one dude wrote to no one particular:</p><p><em>&ldquo;Ya&rsquo;all think (so […]