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Monique won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, last night at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. Then she went backstage and she wasn’t about to let anyone tell her what to do. Monique totally took over the backstage interview area and got real. 

According to the LA Times: When KTLA’s Sam Rubin asks her if there’s anything she wants to say to the assembled that she didn’t say from the podium, she fires back with, ‘Everything I wanted to say and everything I needed to say, I say.’ Queried whether she’s an actress or comedian, she says, ‘I am a stand-up comedian who won an Oscar.’ 

Monique was all jokes backstage lifting up her leg to show off her hairy legs, when asked if she shaved.

‘Of course not! I didn’t shave my arms nor did I shave my legs. I think Oscar would really like this.’

She was asked backstage what would happen if more actresses didn’t shave their legs or worry about their size.

‘They’d win Oscars,’

That’s the way to stick it to them Monique!

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