<p>CUSTOMIZED BY KHALID STRICKLAND a.k.a. BLACK PACINO</p><p>Long before &ldquo;urban model&rdquo; magazines were all the rage, two other publications satisfied my sweet tooth for eye candy: Lowrider and Streetlow.&nbsp; As a fan of tricked-out whips and hot Latina babes, I never missed an issue.&nbsp; Now I&rsquo;ve got a bunch of &lsquo;em stacked higher than flapjacks on Rex Ryan&rsquo;s plate.&nbsp; So of course, I did the honorable thing and scanned some of the pages for my homies.&nbsp; Most of these are rare pics collected over the years and until the vultures swoop in, this may be the only place to see &lsquo;em online. Also packaged are images by&nbsp; TwoTonz and Trent Sherrill, both of whom have a brilliant eye for car culture and the hotties who inhabit the scene.</p><p>One thing I dig about these ladies is that for the most part, they&rsquo;re all natural.&nbsp; Many of them favored the pretty cashiers working at my local Met Food supermarket&hellip; in other words they&rsquo;re &ldquo;hood fine.&rdquo; Lowrider and Streetlow didn&rsquo;t abuse Photoshop&rsquo;s airbrush function or O.D. on the makeup the way so many mags do now.&nbsp; The shorties actually look attainable.</p><p>Go to THE SPIZZY and view an array of colorful, sexy photographs.&nbsp; Marvel at the whips and drool over the chicks.&nbsp; There are also a few prizes at the bottom of the box: BONUS VIDEOS of Vida Guerra at the Low Life Lowrider Show, two clips from Barriogirls and footage from a Lowrider show in Japan (yes, they get down).</p><p>SEE THE VISUALS AT THE SPIZZY…</p>

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