Comedian  Reggie Couz is cashing in on the internet’s fascination with Spongebob by taking Bikini Bottom to the trap. He dropped a rap song called “Double Seaweed Deluxe” and it might have the most hilarious Spongebob-inspired video you’ve ever seen. Reggie linked up with @madlivefx to create the visuals. This wouldn’t be the first time madlivefx has […]

Earlier this month, WWE’s John Cena auditioned to be the new Blues Clues host and now Steve, the original host, has something to say about it. LMAO. Hit the flip to see his message of doom.

Dude was minding his business dancing to BlocBoy JB and Drake “Look Alive,” when something magical happened. Watch up top.

When Instagram’s favorite comedians link up, the results are bound to be hilarious. Cameron J. Henderson, Pat D. Lucky, Kelz Wright and Yung Poppy joined forces to form Destiny’s Cousins and recreate the legendary “Say My Name” video by Destiny’s Child. It’s the funniest thing you’ll probably see all week. Watch the video below.  

Funny Julius of twitter meme fame, has a new show called Hello, White People. This man on the street series has Julius Stukes asking White people very uncomfortable questions like when is a good time to say the N word and asking them to choose between Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter. Check out […]

Looking for a rare and invaluable object hidden deep within this stranger’s house—or maybe a bowl of Friskies—this cat climbed through a vent to gain entry, but got caught. Hilariously, Twitter says he isn’t the only super spy cat around. Take a look.  

Who would have thought that there would be so many food references in today’s music? One girl caught a bunch of them during a trip to the grocery store and made this hilarious video to show us what she came up with. Check it out!