Funny videos

Animals are a lot like humans in the way that they interact with each other and entertain themselves when they are bored. There is nothing funnier than watching animals in their own habitat, doing things that we would do. In fact, here are a couple of animal videos that will have you in stitches! This […]

What would you do if you witnessed something supernatural firsthand? Would you run the other way? Record it on your iPhone so you can show your friends later? Lay there and die? There’s no way to know just how one would react until they’re put in that situation. For a few unexpected patrons at a […]

There are only a few simple rules to pranking: make sure nobody dies and never ever prank the woman who gave birth to you. One poor guy on Twitter must not have gotten the memo because when he attempted to prank his mother he ended up with a broom to the head. Check out the […]

Last month, a high school varsity cheerleader started a viral challenge that had everyone attempting to step over invisible platforms and walk on air. While some attempts were successful, many were a complete fail. Of those failures, this most recent attempt has to be the funniest. One girl decided to try the challenge for herself. […]

It’s the freakin’ weekend and we are ready to have us some fun! There’s nothing like relaxing on a Saturday morning and unloading all the stresses of the work week. Once you finally get an opportunity to have a day off, this will probably  be your reaction:   But don’t have too much fun, Monday is […]

Four days into the new year, it’s important to remember that Karma is a b*tch and she doesn’t play favorites. So, before you go out and do something you probably shouldn’t do, take some time to relive these five moments in social media history that reminded us that Karma is real and takes no mercy.

U.K. Comedian Michael Dapaah, known by his rap moniker Big Shaq or Roadman Shaq, was catapulted into insta-stardom when a video of him freestyling for BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Fire In The Booth went viral. It was then that the phrase “mans not hot” became increasingly popular.   The freestyle did wonders for Dapaah, who has since […]

If you partake in a game of Jenga on game nights, you know there’s an art to removing blocks from a tower. But while you’re trying to remove stacks of wood like your Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible, this dog is taking blocks, no sweat. Check out the skills below.

If you make trips to the barbershop, you know it can be a crucial process getting clean for the week. Choosing the right barber is important, but what do you do when your barber is a little extra with the grooming. Check out the hilarious video from Wayne Colley below to see how he handles […]

Nothing can be more annoying than hearing a dog’s nonstop barking — especially if they’re a little one. Well it seems like one man found the secret to a dog putting some respect on his name. Check out his hilarious dog training skills below.