gay pride

Well, that’s an odd switch-up! Antoine Dodson might be known as the guy who told everyone to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” over the past few years, but now he might be making another name for himself. Even though many believe him to be gay, it looks like Antoine is renouncing himself and claiming […]

Time for “Confessions in the Senate…“ DETAILS: New Zealand Passes Gay Marriage Bill While debating legislation that would repeal Nevada’s gay marriage law, State Senator Kelvin Atkinson (D-North Las Vegas) decided to pull out all the stops and basically reveal his biggest secret to the court. “I’m black. I’m gay,” he said in a ‘trembling’ voice. […]

President Obama said change was near, and change is here! DETAILS: A Little Positivity: New Zealand Passes Gay Marriage Bill  The Boy Scouts of America are finally on the road to ending the ban on gay and lesbian members. The ban has been the topic of discussion for several months but change is near. Ending […]

Imagine having to use the bathroom, but not knowing which one to walk into?  POLL: Changing The Game! Transgender MMA Fighter Fallon Fox Wants To Fight Women  The role of transgender persons in today’s society is a debate that seems never ending. However, an Oregon high school has made it very clear that they support […]

Fallon Fox was born a man, but wants to fight women in the UFC … BIG WHOOP! It’s not who you’re born to or what culture you’re told you must follow, it’s how you feel and staying true to your inner creed that really matters. And Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Fallon Fox did just […]

Jacob Rudolph, a high school senior in Parsippany, New Jersey bravely came out to his whole class during an awards ceremony at his school last Friday and the phenomenal teen says he did it not really for himself, but for young people everywhere who might be struggling with their sexuality. DETAILS: Hip-Hop Hooray!! Rhode Island […]

This weekend, U.S. Marine Corps captain Matthew Phelps and partner Ben Schock visited the White House in a trip that is sure not to be forgotten. DETAILS: Hip-Hop Hooray! Seattle’s Same-Sex Couples Finally Wed  In an event that was both a statement for love and a statement for the progression of this country, Phelps proposed to […]

In one of the most progressive moves in California history, Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that makes the Golden State the first to ban a controversial form of psychotherapy that’s aimed at making gay teenagers straight. STORY: NFL Superstar Brendon Ayanbadejo Says No Politician Will Silence His Support For Gay Marriage! Beginning Jan. 1, mental […]

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant Isis King is breaking all types of barriers and proving that anything is possible when you remain persistent. After being the first transgender contestant on ANTM, King has now landed a gig as one of the faces of American Apparel’s latest ad campaign, making her the first transgendered model to appear […]

Former NFL defensive back, Wade Davis, was just one of the guys during his first training camp with the Tennessee Titans in 2000. He went through locker room hazing rituals, he played cards with star Jevon Kearse, and he was invited to fellow DB Samari Rolle’s wedding. STORY: The Next Rush Limbaugh! 14 Year Old […]

Former NFL player Wade Davis has become the most recent professional athlete to publicly admit his homosexuality. STORY: Former NFL Player Admits He’s Gay And Shares His Story! Homosexuality has always been a hot-button issue in sports. This is why more players have not came out, especially during their careers.   This is all despite […]

Over the years, there have been rumors and reports that singer and actress Queen Latifah is gay. Despite these accusations, the Queen has never actually come out and announced that she was interested in women. VIDEO: U.N.I.T.Y: Queen Latifah Performs At A Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival To make things a little more confusing, Latifah performed […]