Here’s a tearjerker for today. A group of young boys from Williams Intermediate School in Bridgewater, Massachusetts weren’t very happy that one of their own was being bullied. So instead of fighting teasing with more teasing, the boys did the unthinkable and expressed their appreciation and support for their friend, 6-year-old Danny Keefe, by naming […]

Over 12,000 volunteers signed up with the Make A Wish Foundation to help turn San Francisco into Gotham for little Miles...

Well, this is one way to get your laugh for the day. The white supremacist who planned to turn a small North Dakota town into a “white enclave” was informed that he was part African (14 percent Sub Saharan African to be exact) by a talk show host after he agreed to undergo a DNA […]

It’s Veterans Day and while we honor the men and women who have put their lives on the line for this country, the internet was busy doing something that it rarely does — restoring our faith in humanity. World War II veteran Harold Jellicoe Percival died at a nursing home on Oct. 25. The 99-year-old […]

We’ve all been there. Either your commute is too long or you’re just dog-tired from work or school, but falling asleep on the train is one of those things that just happens. And when the young fellow in the black jacket did just that on a Q Train in NYC, dropping his head on the […]

One high school in Calabasas, California is proving that they’re on the right side of history. For the first time ever at Calabasas High School, a same-sex couple has earned the coveted crown of Homecoming Queen…and Queen. The prize went to Lily Cohen and her partner Greta Melendez after they were nominated by their classmates […]

Now here’s a story about second chances that will restore your faith in the human race. Jessica Robles, a single mother living in Miami, was caught shoplifting nearly $300 in food from a Publix supermarket last month. But the cop that stopped her didn’t take her in to be booked. Instead, she bought Robles and […]

A Detroit mailman turned “firefighter” is being hailed a hero after saving a burning house he passed during his mail route. And as if Darrian Crutcher didn’t do enough on that Tuesday, he also finished his mail route. “I wouldn’t say a hero,” he told WJBK-TV. “It was a blessing for me to be at that […]

It’s a celebration, b*tches! As gay marriage became legal in New Jersey at 12:01 Monday morning, everyone’s favorite Newark superhero mayor and new Senate-elect Cory Booker officiated nine weddings (seven same-sex and two heterosexual) at City Hall. “It is officially past midnight, marriage is equal in New Jersey,” Booker told the crowd to kick off the […]

Davion Navar Henry Only has been in foster care all of his life. He was born to an incarcerated mother, has bounced around the foster care system since he was an infant, and now, at 15-years-old, is taking his life into his own hands. Nervously standing before worshippers in a baggy, borrowed suit at Florida’s […]

Here’s some good news. New York City has gone an entire week without murder, from October 7 through Sunday, according to the mayor’s office. The NYPD reported no homicides during those seven days in the same city that was once known for an average of six murders a day. But this isn’t the first time […]