Food and drink companies like to get creative around this time of year by making holiday themed version of all their products. Sometimes, they’re on to something, and they their special edition holiday product gets folks feigning for it all year round. Then there are times when their attempt to be festive sucks so bad, […]

Some were comedic geniuses, childhood crushes or scary individuals.

Halloween is upon us and now is the perfect time to start figuring out your hollow’s day costume. DIY costumes are usually the most fun looks to do — but this year, we’re ditching the traditional black cat and witch costume for creative looks inspired by the culture. What’s more creative and innovative than cartoon […]

The streaming service is right on time with several sinister selections.

Low key, Halloween is way more fun as an adult than as a kid. One of the best parts about Halloween as a grown up is the lit parties and unbelievably creative costumes. Seeing famous people dress up as other famous people is pretty dope too. For example, Beyonce rarely changes up her look — […]

Halloween weekend has brought out some of the most creative people on the planet and there’s nothing more awesome than seeing everyone come together and let their imagination run wild. This year, there was no shortage of amazing costumes. Every costume was amazing and proved that you didn’t have to be a celebrity to pull […]

A classic horror flick is coming back with a vengeance...don't be scurred.