Halloween residuals are still rolling in and it’s making us wish we could cancel the ghoulish holiday next year. More offensive costumes have hit the ‘net (like the Boston bombing victim or missing teen Avonte Oquendo) but here’s one that will surely piss you off. Will Vendramini, seen above in what some say is “blackface,” […]

Once again…What is this world we are living in? Halloween is over but the stupid offensive costumes just keep emerging. This time from twenty-two year old Michigan native Alicia Ann Lynch, who decided it would be brilliant if she dressed up as a bombing victim from the Boston Marathon which happened earlier this year. NOT! […]

Just when we thought the Halloween offenders were done with their tasteless and offensive costumes, this guy comes around. It may be November, but holiday residuals are popping up all over the internet and showing us that Halloween was full of ridiculous costumes. Like the guy above who dressed as missing NYC teenager Avonte Oquendo. […]

Yesterday, we told you just why Halloween is the best holiday ever. Our consensus was once again proven correct, as some of the hottest celebs showed out and put the smack down on their costumes. All we have to say is – Oh My Nicki! Our favorite “Pink Friday” rapper let it ALL hang out […]

Sure, ghouls, goblins and blood-drenched zombies are terrifying things to suit up as during Halloween, but you know what’s even scarier? Things that can be real, like the spider veins and turkey neck that come with old age. Heidi Klum is always outdoing herself when it comes to Halloween costumes, and this year at her […]

You can probably count off the top of your head how many college girls you’ve seen dressed up as Lady Gaga in a hot sweaty bar, mouthing along the words to “Telephone” while doing the choreographed moves, PBR in hand. Sounds familiar, right? But how many of them have been the same exact type of […]

Halloween is here once again! That means it’s time to dress up, eat candy and watch as many scary movies as humanly possible. Sure, Halloween’s changed since we were kids…. We’re no longer hitting up every house in the neighborhood for sugary treats, but it’s still the best holiday of all time and we can […]

It’s Halloween, that time of year where little kids go trick-or-treating, college kids go to parties, and people all over the world watch horror flicks. With that said, we’d like to take this time to simply say: Freddy Krueger is the greatest of all time. Of All TIME! *Kanye West VOICE* In fact, we have […]

This is getting exhausting. Halloween is here and despite the heightened use of blackface and the tremendous response telling offenders not to do it, it’s still totally happening. This time, two San Diego high school football coaches wore blackface for their Cool Runnings costumes at a game last weekend. Not surprisingly, they’ve come under fire […]

It’s Halloween and Miley Cyrus steals the show again! Although she does have some real competition for the best outfit, Miley kept with her recent theme, dressing up as the OG of MTV VMA scene-stealing. Miley dressed up as Lil Kim‘s infamous boob-out purple outfit, but she still didn’t have the most boobilicious costume…. Our […]