Oh Em Gee! Halloween is like, this week, and you haven’t gotten a chance to shop for a costume, have to work late every night, yet have social obligations that ironically require a costume. You have two options. 1. Be the grumpy holiday hater you are and opt out of dressing up. 2. Work with […]

We were shocked this Halloween season when the question of whether or not to dress up in blackface was even an actual question (the answer is never, no and definitely not), but the internet is showing the world that we clearly need to do a Halloween Costume 101, because people just don’t get it. Like […]

You’re still undecided on whether you should go yet another year as a sexy kitty or venture out on a limb and take up one of Miley Cyrus’ many personalities for your Halloween costume, but one thing we can all decide on is that Halloween nail art probably serves up some of the most creative nail […]

This weekend, we were all taken aback by a photograph of a Halloween party where two men dressed up as a dead Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The outrage was tremendous, especially because the Facebook comments on the original photo seemed to suggest that those around the two offensive men didn’t see anything wrong with […]

And the Halloween costumes just keep rolling in. Costume parties in Hollywood have already begun, even though the spooky holiday is still just around the corner, and celebrities are bringing their A-game! Last night, Kate Hudson held a party at her home in LA, and tons of celebs came out to show off a preview […]

What is this world that we live in?! Last night multiple people sent this photo into us as it emerged on social media, portraying one young man dressed in black face as Trayvon Martin while another depicted George Zimmerman with a shirt that reads “Neighborhoo Watchman,” yes missing the “d” at the end. With bullet […]

It might be a few days shy of the actual holiday, but celebrities are out and ready for Halloween! Last night, a bash for the spooky holiday was held in Beverly Hills, and plenty of the rich and famous came out with some great costume ideas. Kate Upton made her Halloween debut dressed in an […]

We’ve been here so many times. It’s almost Halloween and we have a message for all of you out there planning “hilarious” costumes this year. Painting your face black and doing your best mockery of a fallacious black/African culture is both stupid and racist. And you deserve to be kicked in both of your shins […]

It’s almost Halloween and Karrueche is definitely one of the many celebs gearing up for a fun-filled holiday! The socialite-turned-model was spotted at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Night with her boo Chris Brown not too long ago, and now she’s continuing the festivities with pumpkin carving. Karrueche, her friends, and family (that is very diverse, […]