Happy Halloween! NEW MUSIC: Kreayshawn & Diploe “Twerkin!!!” Diplo celebrates the spookiest holiday with a three hour music mix. Diplo teamed up with BBC 1Xtra show and fellow DJ System D-128 to create the most awesome Halloween playlist ever.  DETAILS: Diplo Says Beyonce’s “Run The World” Started Off As A Joke Diplo includes everyone from […]

The concentration may have been shifted from Halloween to Hurricane Sandy for those on the East Coast, but celebs are keeping the costumes on and the party going.  This weekend we saw Diddy, Cassie and a slew of others show us their Halloween looks, but the festivities have continued on since.  PHOTOS: Celebs Keep The Halloween […]

While you were out hopping around dressed like a scantily clad insect of sorts, this young man in Brazil was having the best Halloween ever.  PHOTOS: Star Power! Celebs Hit The Campaign Trail For Obama The young man goes by the Reddit upload name of Juririm, and shared a photo of his Halloween costume that dared […]

Halloween is right around the corner, but some people are getting a head start on celebrating it in all of it’s spooky glory. Last night, a few of favorite female celebrities came out in full costume ready for a night of haunting fun! PHOTOS: In A Jam? Check Out These Last Minute Super Easy Halloween Costumes […]

The Coveteur is a website that takes a peek into the homes and closets of the fashion elite. As a celebration of their revamped Coveteur 2.0 website rollout, the site has created a short film featuring “mini” versions of fashion’s biggest personalities just in time for Halloween. PHOTOS: Haute Halloween: A Terry Richardson Costume Worth […]

You had all week to gear up for Halloween, but instead you waited for the last minute to slap something together.  Don’t despair; we have some foolproof costumes that you can pull together on your own by using items that you already have in your wardrobe.  PHOTOS: Rita Ora Goes Halloween Shopping With GlobalGrind! You’ll Never […]

Katy Perry is twenty friggen eight years old, and not looking a day over 21. In her 28 years of life, Katy has set records, set trends and of course, become an international pop star at the pinnacle of fame … Oh, and she has also become one of our favorite celebrities to dress up […]

Here’s something that will blow your mind. It is estimated that Americans will spend over $370 million on dog costumes this Halloween. That is an absurd amount of money to spend on something that will probably cause our pets considerable discomfort. But face it, Americans love to show off their adorable pets, and they will […]


This week the Oxford English Dictionary added ‘LOL,’ ‘OMG,’ and ‘FYI’ to its records. The decline of civilization may be soon to follow. Apparently, the Oxford dictionary only adds words which are used in every day language. In that case, while we’re adding instant messaging acronyms to the bible of vocabulary knowledge, we may as […]

The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards was a great place to perform, win awards, and plug new albums. It was also a great place to make announcements. Trey Songz used his opportunity as presenter to announce to the world that he would be joining R&B showman Usher on his recently announced OMG tour.


When it comes to showmanship USHER is one of the best. He has been for the last decade and more. He announces the dates for his OMG Tour. According to the press release,  the OMG Tour starts in November.


Hey everyone, instead of giving you a new remix or mashup today, I am going to ask you a question. If you had the choice of listening to an original of a song or the remix, which would you choose? Most of you would say the remix because you would think that it sounds better, […]