Good morning. Be happy! The world is up,, happy and on your side! You will always get what you give! (Remember!) IF ANGER HAD A SHAPE IT WOULD BE SHAPED LIKE A BOOMERANG!  BE 🙂 God is Love, Rev Run


  It baffles, no saddens me, that 40 some odd years after the ‘Thrilla in Manilla’, Joe Frazier still lives with a dark cloud of defeat over his head.  Poor dude.  A few weeks ago, flipping through channels, I stopped on a doc about the fight.  It was clear that Ali was being favored, the […]


I had never been to Africa before, but standing at the top of a sand dune overlooking the slums of Khayelitsha yesterday, a section of South Africa’s sprawling Cape Flats, I felt completely connected to the homeland. The sun was setting, reflecting light off the millions of corrugated tin roofs below, the last hint of […]

I just saw a video from our pals over at Forbez about rapper Nicki Minaj turning down King Magazine’s offer for a photo spread.  Being the nosy s.o.b. I am, I wanted to know if the hype was to be believed. Therefore, I put in a few calls to see if this was true. As […]

I was having lunch with an industry friend of mine today, got talking shop, and the ‘lil cabana boy discussion’ crept up.   Summarized, this convo basically rests on the following idea…  how can I take the guy who’s pushing pool chairs seriously?  Now, I’ve always been an equal op kinda gal, never choose to fraternize […]


Good morning. The scripture says.. “Narrow is the path that we must walk.”   (What does this mean?) You’ll always have to squeeze through a narrow path in life in order to get through to a happy place. Sometimes its budgeting when everyone else is splurging. Going to the gym when they’re going to the […]


LaLa Vazquez Charm School Beef? Tyson, male groupies, 50 Cent and more! Watch DJ Whoo Kid’s interview.

Can anyone tell me whats going on with "Q" from Day 26?Dormtainment is an online hang-out spot where you can share laughs, voice your opinions, or just escape from the everyday challenges of life. Dormtainment is FUN! It is the best online college entertainment around, with the funniest skits, the most interesting college-related blogs, and […]

The bee is back and looking good as ever…Here she is rocking at an MTV Event…

Okay so sometimes we hear about this dude fussin, cussin, actin up but I have a new found respect for him now after watchin the special on MTV. He has teamed up with Sway to visit American vets, not only to surprise them but he is also blessing them ie. he paid off all of […]

Lorenzo Zarate sits on a couch and plays an Xbox game while a cameraman films him. Mr. Zarate, an aspiring rapper, thinks he is being featured in an MTV news segment. … Then Kanye West comes to the door.


YO! MTV Raps. Greatest show of All Time.