Pamela Anderson sat down (carefully) in the studio with DJ Whoo Kid to discuss why she likes crumping, Dolly Parton’s naughty bits, Doggystyle, oral support and more of her favorite things. She also describes her stay in Tupac’s beach house, her experiences with Black love, embarrassment of losing hair extensions during sex, and other things […]

Lindsay Lohan was seen Wednesday night getting herself a new tattoo after news broke earlier this week that she and her DJ girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, broke up. The actress was seen smiling when she arrived at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Los Angeles at around midnight. Source Link :-

Lindsay Lohan looks red hot as a red head. The fauxmosexual was seen rocking the red hair while out with younger sister Ali. I forgot how amazing Lindsay looks with her red locks!! You know she only did this because she’s mourning the loss of her ex, but that doesn’t matter. Linds looks great! I […]

Lindsay Lohan and sister Ali Lohan looked lovely as they made their way over to the Byron & Tracey salon in Beverly Hills.I like her new hair colour.Did anyone really think we’d never see it again? She kept saying it was dyed for movies and would go back to red once she was finished shooting […]

Despite looking fab in photo ops, it seems like maybe it wasn’t such a happy New Year for Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson, who reportedly ended up trashing a hotel room,  engaging in…

The Mean Girls starlet, Lindsay Lohan was overheard telling pals she wants no part of the upcoming reality show about her family. Do you think she is making the right decision?

The young star re-creates the legendary bombshell’s 1962 final photo shoot

In her first post-rehab interview, the actress says she’s ditching her old ways